Thursday, 16 April 2009

Am I crap or what?

It's a poor excuse really, I sit at a desk all day long, with not a lot to do most days, and yet I still find it impossible to actually keep on top of this blog. Pathetic!

Having had a look, I last properly wrote back in November about my strange dreams. I then started a post on 30th November that was never finished, probably because someone walked in the office and I didn't want to get found out, clearly I know don't care. The last post I started read:

God I really am crap at this blogging malarkey! I used to be so religious at it!
Well, work is interesting,

Clearly nothing changes!

Well anyway. Scarlett has two teeth now, the first finally came through sometime between Jan and Feb. She's crawling with great aplomb and is starting to stand up on her own and walks with her walker. She's started to hate food, and especially hates being fed from a spoon, which is a bit of a worry actually, I worry she's not getting enough yknow. I'm sure she is, she eats when she's hungry.

She's a lot of fun though (most of the time) her currentfave is to fling herself around our bed in the evening, because she knows it makes us laugh. And she's also started putting her hands over her mouth when she laughs, like a grown up would, or someone who was shocked or something, because she knows that makes us laugh. Bless her.

Although, I read some questions on a parenting site yesterday, and I am not looking forward to the next couple of years in terms of tantrums etc. Will wait and see what happens.

Andy and I have decided to go on a diet (see my other blog, my food diary, shocking stuff). We're not taking it very seriously at the minute. I think we're going to start going to Weight Watchers, in fact, I think there's a meeting tonight, so I may well suggest we start tonight. That would be great, a real challenge yknow. I really want to lose weight, but judging by the chicken bones I found on the coffee table this morning, he clearly doesn't, or at least, doesn't have the willpower or restraint. Ridiculous!

So, what else. Well work is actually quite dull. There have been times where I've considered just throwing in the towel because it's been so boring. But there are things to do, you just mostly have to make your own work, which is okay, but most of the time it can be a real effort. I find myself being quite shy in front of some people and I don't want to go and ask for help or for something to do because I don't want to interrupt them. Like I have to edit some webpages with a guy but he always looks busy (although, he was also building a Lego robot the other day, so not sure how busy he really is). But it's mostly okay, and we really need the money, and there's room for progression and development, so I don't mind it too much.

Anyway, I have a meeting (which will probably be cancelled) so I better go and find out whether it's going ahead.

Will post more, my food diary might draw me to this blog more often. Not that anyone reads, how do you get people to read? Do I want people to read? Am I interesting enough?