The Life List

I've dabbled with Life List-ing a few times and always forget it exists and that I should be trying to accomplish things from said list!

I used to have a large list published here but I've discovered a natty little web-app called Trello which is really useful for a multitude of things but especially the Life List.

I've made my public so that you can see my categories and aims and also my accomplished pile.

Life List on Trello


  1. This is a great list! :) I find myself doing so much more now that I have one, it's made my life so much happier :) For me, the idea of a Life List was to find things that were really going to make me happy - and not so much about goals that could potentially make me miserable if I didn't achieve them. It's mutated a bit since I started, but it's definitely still making me happy :)

    Good luck with yours, we'll have to see if we can help each other with any of them!

    1. Definitely, it has given me a focus, and a chance to dream about things, especially the travel, places I want to go with Andy, and places I want to show Scarlett - it will grow as we have more children - who knows what their tastes will be - Scarlett is obsessed with Ghostbusters - hence New York, I want to be the one to take her to Liberty Island - and Ratatouille and A Monster in Paris - hence Paris!!

      I think as my career priorities change I will have things to add too - changing my career is something I have to do in the next 5 years, especially if I'll be doing it til I'm 80 at this rate!!

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