Where to Find Me Online

So, I seem to have lots of random profiles dotted around the place and I thought maybe I should group them in one place and you can all look at how bloody brilliant I am at social networking....

Twitter - I don't really do Twitter anymore, for a number of reasons!  This may change, it depends how much time I have for promo of this blog.

Instagram - I used to try really hard to post interesting things on Instagram.  That has changed and I barely use it these days, I think I'm at work ALL the time and so, I never have anything interesting to post.  Follow me anyway, it's usually photos of the kids.... - Amy Georgina on Instagram

Pinterest -  I dabble with this at various points, sometimes I will probably drive you nuts with the amount of stuff I pin!.  But it's fun for a little look and mostly it's been house updates lately. - Amy Georgina on Pinterest

Facebook - More on this to follow.  My old blog did have a Facebook page and I intend to link the two again as I work more on this site.