Saturday, 31 July 2010

Dorset, christenings and SPONSORED BIKE RIDES!!

Please accept my apologies for not blogging sooner. The photos from Dorset are here on my Flickr page.

We had great fun. I can't believe how lovely Lyme Regis still is after all these years, in fact it's almost better than it used to be (although, without my old friends to mess around with, it wasn't quite the same!)

The weather held up, having said that, I am very pleased that we have already booked our holiday in Spain for next summer, 2 weeks of guaranteed sun!

What has everyone else been up to?

Work is still busy but I'm enjoying it, am getting more responsibility with every week that passes, so hopefully by the end, they will have decided I'm indispensable (I hope!)

What else? Am hoping to go to Vintage at Goodwood on the 13th August (not that I've booked my ticket, or the day off work and I probably won't have any money to spend, but oh well!) We're going to a chav christening on the 15th August (A double chav christening no less) so I think I will aim to go ridiculously vintage (somehow) because they will freak out for sure!

Also, and you must pay attention for this bit, I am take part in the CoBi 7 seater bike ride on Sunday 22nd August. I am riding in Leg 19 from London to Guildford - 32 miles, although, I know I won't be doing the WHOLE thing because there's about 10 riders that day (and only 7 seats, and 6 sets of pedals!)

But it would mean a lot to me, if you could sponsor the team, and put that you're sponsoring for me in particular, even a few quid would mean a lot and it's in support of the most excellent Cancer Research UK, breast cancer research in particular. To sponsor me/dontate, please click here. For more info on the CoBi bike ride itself, click here.

Thanks girls!! xx

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Is the name of the song I'm listening to right now, by Ocean Colour Scene, but a rather funky remix of it that I like to listen to REALLY loudly when I'm driving my self to and from work.

Have got my headphones on full blast as Andy is watching Dragon's Den - BORING! I just get annoyed by it really, Duncan Bannantyne really irritates me as does Peter Jones and the munter, sorry, Meadon. (shit joke, I know, am tired!)

So, what else has occured? Not a lot really?

Work is super stressful at the minute, this must be what work actually means, because when I worked downstairs I wasn't busy and all I did was go around slagging off the woman I worked with and saying how much I hated it there. Now I'm upstairs I'm enjoying it a lot, but with the enjoyment has come the stress because there is a LOT to do, which is good, it's nice, I feel like a proper grown up with a busy stressful job etc. Which isn't good for me I know, I have high blood pressure as it is! I even brought work home this evening, even though predictably I haven't done it, and it's 9:15pm so that ain't gonna happen!

I do enjoy the job though, for all the stress and the bitching and moaning, because in my own small way I feel like I'm improving the university by making them slightly better organised (okay, so it's only on SharePoint but hey, good document management is the key to success in my books....!) Geek alert!

We're off to Dorset on Friday morning and we have quite a lot to do in preparation for that, the two main things being getting rid of our old dishwasher so it's not sitting outside all week and getting Scarlett's hair cut because she looks like Worzel Gummidge at the minute!

Am finally getting round to uploading the photos from Paul McCartney onto my iMac (they're currently clogging up my work hard drive) so that I can format the memory card ready for going away, and it's saying it's going to take over an hour, ooops. 2gb of photos just of Paul McCartney - too much?!

The nice guy at work, who is sadly leaving on Friday (and I won't be there to see him go) formatted my iMac and put Leopard on it for me so I can now plug my iPhone into it = Happy Amy.

I'm listening to Toots & the Maytals, luscious. What is everyone rocking at the minute? From now on, everytime I post a blog, I want to know what my readers are listening to (not at that precise moment) but just what's something you've got on constant repeat?

I've been listening to Kele (from Bloc Party) and his debut solo album The Boxer, it's great, reminds me in parts of Hot Chip and Trentemøller (go and look up the video for Moan by Trentemøller, I am totally obsessed with it, I went through a total phase of being absolutely gut wrenchingly sad about Laika and how she died in space - I am strange, yes)

God, Planet Telex by Radiohead, amazing, makes me want to scream it out, even though I don't really know what the words are. Might annoy Andy though, interrupt his shitty Dragon's Den!

I literally could blog, just about the music I'm listening to. There's a graduate of Kingston Uni called Fiona Banner - she has an exhibition at Tate Britain at the minute called Harrier and Jaguar, looks good. But some of her early pieces were just where she'd watch porn and describe it in words. Her famous piece along these lines was The Nam where she described 3 or 4 famous Vietnam films. Interesting thought, I've always liked stream of conciousness stuff. Even though my blog at the minute is a stream of conciousness, not a very interesting one at that!!

And on that note...

Oh, on one last note, I really really HAVE to learn this dance:

Old news I know, but she rocks, big up the big girls!