Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Theme: Part 2

Isn't it just the way, "I'll be back later with Part 2" and it just never happens!

Not sure what else I had to say about our theme apart from mention a few of the little touches we were thinking of.  We might not go for the whole record invite thing, we've still to decide that, plus we'd seen these:
Credit: Hello Lucky
But given the church we've seen, I'm not sure if we'll go for it, I don't know if we should get something more fitting.

The other thing I had seen that I rather like (and will attempt to make at the weekend is this:
Credit: Kaboodle

Also, we'd like to make some little bowls out of 7" records and we'd also really love to get new labels printed for them but no idea where to start on that one!

I think we'll name each table after a different band, The Beatles (Top Table!), The Cure, Blur, Genesis.... hahaha!

And I liked the idea of us dressing up as different musical couples and having our photos taken.  So far I've got, Sid and Nancy, Kurt and Courtney, Sonny and Cher, John and Yoko and erm, Elton John and Kiki Dee.  Yeah, okay, I need to think a bit harder about this.  Also, I can only think of couples who ultimately had grisly ends...!   

Robert Smith and his wife Mary, I know Andy would kill to dress up as his idol!!

For our music, we figured that unless a nice family member wants to hire a band for us, it's pretty much off the menu as it's just going to be way out of our budget.  So we were just going to hire the equipment from the guy who owns the barn and buy ourselves a nice iPod to use on the day (do iPad's have the same iPod capabilities?!)  Either that, or I need to sweet talk an old friend of mine into coming along and helping out with the musical side of things.  But, we wanted to more or less plan the playlist ourselves, moving through the decades (our first thought, this might not work in practice!)

So, what do you think?  Just our first musings on it!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Theme: Mission in Progress, Part 1

So I had a literal epiphany on Tuesday morning, I was in the shower, thinking about the venue, thinking about how we could decorate and stuff, when suddenly, literally, a thunderbolt hit my head, and I realised, the perfect theme for Andy and I is.... (and if you know me, this will come as no surprise) MUSIC!

As I said, anyone who knows me will know I'm a teensy bit fanatical about music.  I made Andy stay up until about midnight on Monday playing him one of my Spotify playlists.  He sent me an email on Tuesday morning to say I did have a rather impressive knowledge of music (which made my day, how sad!).  Now, whilst I don't know everything, and I'm not claiming too, there are a lot of tunes stored in this tiny brain of mine and I know how to use them!

I think music has always been a passion for both Andy and I, to different degrees though I think.  His parents are a generation removed from mine and as such he grew up with Jazz (his dad) and Buddy Holly (his mum).  My parents were in their twenties in the 80s and as such I grew up listening to Genesis and Pink Floyd (my dad) and the Beatles (my mum, okay, so the Beatles are 80s, but my dad HATES the Beatles, which I struggle to understand how anyone can hate the Beatles, don't get me started!!)

Andy spent his teenage years listening to The Cure (with whom my only recollection was of seeing the video for Friday I'm In Love on TOTP, or Top Of The Pops for you younger followers who sadly missed out on that great British institution in it's heyday.  My parents had a date to see TOTP be recorded, my mum spends every Saturday watching TOTP 2 on UK Gold just to see if their episode comes up, much in the same way I watch Top Gear on Dave to spot myself, aged 18 in a white hoody being obscured by Johnny Vegas, this ruining my 5 minutes of TV air time!  I digest....)

So where was I?  Oh yes, Andy liked The Cure and Nirvana and Oasis (yuk!) whilst I spent my time listening to Blur, The Prodigy and Ministry of Sound Annuals.

I think our teenage relationships formed our musical taste, The Cure for Andy and for me, large doses of Drum and Bass, UK Garage and House (my teenage friends and boyfriend were all 'DJs', they all had the decks, the vinyl, the big headphones).  I also used to listen to old stuff; Pink Floyd, The Who, The Clash.  So I swing from UK Garage to The Who and back to The Prodigy.

So anyway, I'm rambling, my iMac is crashing every 5 minutes so I'm going to adjourn to apply my make up, pop to Worcester Park, pick up some old records from the DebRA charity shop and come back for Part 2 of my explanation on our theme!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Venue: Mission Complete

So I've been trying to post for 4 days now to show you some photos of the venue....

Yes, I totally did take pictures of the toilets, and the mirror ball!  Look at the pretty lights in these last two shots. These are hanging on the wall in the smaller part of the barn where we may have our ceremony.  I saw may, because we visited my aunt after the barn who lives in Boxgrove and is a regular at Boxgrove Priory.  We took a stroll over to the church and, wow, it's amazing.  I think I might have to put in a few 3 hour round trips between now and the wedding to secure us a wedding there.  It was stunning, we both said to each other how amazing it would be.  Here's a small picture of it.


That is all for now.  Will write again to tell you about the perfect idea I had for our theme!!