Wednesday, 26 May 2010

What a week so far

Well, to be honest with you guys, this week hasn't been the greatest.

Monday was a bad start. Got Scarlett from nursery just to be told, she might have nits and that one of the kids in the other Toddler class has them, "Really bad." Well if he has them so badly, why the fuck is he still going to nursery - how fucking selfish are some parents to just keep sending their kids into nursery with all these contagious things. I cried my eyes out on the phone to my parents, I felt like a bad parent or something yknow, she had really bad nappy rash too which was making her feel rotten and I just felt like I was failing at looking after her properly. Fell asleep on the sofa after dinner, woke up at 11.00pm feeling like I was going to puke, to find Scarlett sitting on the other sofa looking sorry for herself.

Tuesday was even worse, Scarlett had a little accident overnight, found her and her cot covered in poop, nice. Andy had a review at the care home with his mum to find out whether or not she was still eligible for NHS Continuing Care funding. He'd been umming and ahhing for 2 weeks over what to do, I offered numerous times to take the day off to have her and he kept saying no. Then with the realisation that she wasn't well and that it was probably best he didn't take her to the care home with him, I came into work for 2 hours, then went home. I could tell Scar wasn't well, as she was asleep in the car when Andy picked me up and went to bed soon after I got her home.

Andy came back with the predictable news that his mum was no longer eligible for the full funding (the woman has had a leg removed and can no longer feed herself, how bad do they want people to be?!) I should be pleased, she no longer has any sores, is no longer having TIAs or lashing out at the nurses, so she has improved, but it's just so fucking irritating.

And I'll tell you why. We knew this was going to happen, we knew she probably wouldn't stay on it long, we were sort of forewarned that some people don't stay on it long because the criteria are a bit wanky. So, because we knew it was probably going to change, we fought for 2 months to get her into a different home from the one she's in - one where she went to a Day Centre at the weekends, where we knew the staff and knew it was half the price of the one she's in now. We fought for it because we knew eventually she'd lose the funding, and once she lost the funding we could just about afford to keep her in that one, instead of the situation we're now in and we have 2 weeks to find her a new home that she can afford with her pension and the £120 a week the NHS will give her. More stress that we don't need.

So I'm hoping that today doesn't turn out to be a load of crap because I'm really not sure I can take it. I need to crack on with some work, but clearly my mind just isnt in it.

I'll leave you with a photo I took on my new camera.

Friday, 21 May 2010

On the hop

Just a quick one, haven't really got much to report at all. Same old same old. We got cut off (as we do every month) so no internets at home until, umm, no idea, might not be until next Wednesday at the earliest, booo!

The weather is really hotting up here at the moment, we're set for a lovely weekend, they're prediciting 27C on Sunday which will be nice. Although, we have to do major sort out in the garden, multiple tip runs, it sort of got used as the dumping ground when we were decorating so it's all a total bloody mess out there. Wonder if we'll get the old sofa into the Kangoo? I doubt it.

Anyway, will leave you with a picture from my new camera, it's about the only half decent one I've taken since I got it. Must get back on the case with photography. I must.

Monday, 17 May 2010


So tired. I came up to bed an hour ago, I'm still here because Scarlett really isn't well and is doing the usual toddler thing of just crying uncontrollably. I want to get mad at her, it's so frustrating, but I feel so bad for her, she really gets herself into a state, then she'll suddenly conk out, then as you put her back in her cot, she wakes up and start bawling again - ooohh soo tired!

Today was nice, not what I had planned, but turned out to our advantage. We went to Croydon to look around the shops - god what an eye opener that town is - jeeez! I sort of wish we had gone to Kingston but oh well.

Came home, blew out the candles on my giant Millie's cookie, got Scarlett to bed and had take away Pizza Express. We were going to go to the restaurant to eat, but a combination of a broken printer (no 2for1 voucher for us then) and a screaming, tired, brattish toddler meant we gave it a miss. And I'm glad we did, it was a flippin nightmare in there, so busy and noisy, we wouldn't have been able to hear ourselves think let alone have a conversation with each other! So we had it at home, on our rickety dining table and mismatching chairs!

I only got one present this year, but what a present! A Panasonic Lumix camera from Andy - woooweeee! So pleased with it. Will try and take some proper pictures and stuff, I might even get back to doing my photo a day blog! Ha! And the cutest little turquoise neoprene case for it too. Bless him. My parents gave me money, so I bought some new sunglasses and a Ruby & Millie eyeliner (the best!) and I also won £3 on the scratchcards my aunt gave me and some money from my grandparents. Not sure what I'll put that towards though.

Anyway, I am bloody knackered now, so I shall retire and post some pics tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Might post another thing later, but here is a run down of my birthday so far:

Bad Birthday: Having to use kitchen roll this morning as Andy refused to stop somewhere on his way in last night and get some toilet roll.

Good Birthday: Scarlett went to Nursery without complaint (yes, I know, mean mummy, sending her daughter to Nursery instead of dragging her round the shops...)

Bad Birthday: Not having any money in my account to treat myself to breakfast.

Good Birthday: Having £4; exactly enough to buy toilet roll, bleach and Cilit Bang. (quite why this constitutes good birthday, I don't know, but it was nice to get the toilet roll at least!)

Bad Birthday: Having to clean the bathroom on my Birthday.

Good Birthday: Finding out Andy filled the car up with petrol (at least, I hope he did, I hope it's not just a mirage!)

Good Birthday: Dancing round the lounge to Edith Piaf and the Beastie Boys.

Right then, am off to finish cleaning then have a nice shower in my nice clean bath!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

What way to write off a day

Some pictures from last night, I am drunk in all of them.

So have been 'hanging', as my sister would say, all day today. God knows how I managed to get myself out of bed, showered, walked the 15 minutes to where we'd left the car last night (we were running late, don't judge me) and got to Tesco to get the paper, chocolate croissants and paracetamol by 9:30am. Jeez, it's horrible having a 2 year old when you have a hangover.

Speaking of whom, she's in bed, she was put in bed at 6pm because she didn't eat any dinner and threw her cup of water on the floor, naughty bubby. I made Andy actually follow through on his threat of, "Straight to bed" this time because normally he says it, then backs down straight away!

Anyway, last night was great. I drank probably 9 or 10 cocktails, I really lost count, they were just put in front of me. God knows how we stumbled from Detroit in Covent Garden to Bodean's in Soho (such a birthday tradition of mine, get drunk, go to Bodean's). Fuck that place is good, I haven't been in so long, was disappointed to discover they don't give you gherkins anymore on the side of your plate. Felt a bit bad for my my friend G, he's on a vegetarian bet with his brother and dutifully ate a giant Macaroni Cheese whilst the rest of us stuffed our faces with Pulled Pork and slow cooked beef (Burnt Ends). It's great in there, I could rant about it all day, it's like, lush. And the waiter was cute (big guy).

(Andy just asked, "What are you doing?" "Just blogging dear." "I'll blog you." Charming)

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Told you I was going to be lazy. See some of my recent pictures on my Flickr photostream. I'll try and take some more interesting ones soon.

To, shy shy, hush hush, eye to eye

I really wanted to do a mammoth photo posting today but I just feel really tired and run down, my throat is killing me - can ulcers on your tongue give you a sore throat? Whatever it is, it's hurting, it's all sort of sinuses, my ears were all weird yesterday and now my throat feels like its closing up, coupled with the ulcers on my tongue - god, I'm falling apart and having a jolly good whinge like a sinking ship.

I'll maybe post some bits on Flickr (it's a bit quicker) and post a link or something.

I've been chatting a lot to a lady at work about social networking and stuff for the Students (I think it needs to be incorporated into the new Student intranet) and I just laugh at how public and open all my things are. You could type my name (or alias) into Google and it would probably throw up reams of stuff! It just made me think of that, "I'll post a link to Flickr", like literally the whole world could know my entire life - this lady at work said that really scares her, I think I'm too far gone for it to scare me any more. Do any of you worry about that?!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Hung like a donkey

So, there's a hung parliament in the UK. Most of my readers are UK based, how does this make you feel? I'm not sure I care and to be honest, I'm probably one of the few people who actually is quite pleased at the prospect of a Lib Dem/Conservative coalition. I've been raised a bit of a Tory so it's just normal for me to align with them, I guess I probably don't really know why it's such a problem, why is it a problem? What's wrong with the Tories?!

I wanted to vote Tory but obviously in Sutton and Cheam we had all that nonsense with Phillippa Stroud and the gay demon banishing nonsense and generally she was exposed as being an Evangelical nut and that just didn't sit right with me so I kind of didn't get a chance to have my Tory vote, I just voted Lib Dem as they were the current seat holders any way so, what difference did it make? But, had we had a 'nice' Tory candidate, more people might have voted for them, and the Tories would've had at least one more seat because there wasn't exactly a huge majority for the Lib Dems.

Yeah, that's right, I like the Tories, I don't care, whatever, what difference does it bloody make? It's just a voting preference, it's not like saying you support the BNP for crying out loud! Jesus!

Sorry, I get really bloody annoyed by it, I hate people thinking I'm a bad person just because I vote Tory. But I didn't vote Tory, I wanted to vote Tory and I didn't because the Tory candidate was weird so I didn't vote for her.

So really, it's not about policies really for me, it's just about hating Gordon Brown and not liking other people's personalities, hence why I didn't vote for Stroud, because I thought she was just plain weird.

And yes, Cameron is a smarm but he's different, he's more bloody interesting than Brown. Let's be fair, all of them would fuck it up, whatever you do as PM you're never going to please everyone so who gives a fuck whether it's Cameron or Brown or bloody Screaming Lord Sutch (yes, I know he's dead but like, yknow what I'm saying right, it doesn't make a difference!)

Sorry, this got ever so political and I didn't mean it to be, am just having a general rant.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hellooooo Miss Lady

Just a quickie to plug my sister's new business; Rockabetty Studios. Specialising in Vintage pin up style portraits, she has a range of packages to suit every wannabe pin up. Website coming very soon (possibly made by yours truly) but you can see information on Facebook and follow on Twitter.
Other news to follow shortly, except, I left my camera at home. All I will say is that I have a bedroom and a wardrobe and it's just lush!