Monday, 30 April 2012

6 weeks and counting

So the official OMG countdown is starting to kick in.  6 weeks, how can it only be six weeks?  Last time I heard we still had 6 months!

What developments have I to bring you?

I'm off to Worthing this afternoon with the maids to get their dresses.  I hope they both fit and they look good.  I've seen a picture and I am quite impressed so far so we'll see how they fare.  Am sure it'll be fine, quite excited about seeing them!

I have my final fitting on Saturday.  Ordered a basque which was miles too big so that's going back today and I have another 2 in 2 different sizes arriving today so hopefully one of them will fit!!  I ordered a lace bolero but it was too small and too scratchy.  Serves me right for buying a cheap one.  It did however, prove that with my disgusting arms I need a proper cover up so have forked out £50 for a taffeta one.  Just hope that arrives in time for the fitting on Saturday (and that it fits, I've ordered a size 26 so it bloody well better fit or I shall cry!!)  I just am not confident enough at all to have my arms out, they're just so unsightly!!

I finally showed Andy the wedding shoes yesterday after keeping them under wraps for 6 months.  I don't have any time at home, without him there, to be able to sufficiently break them in.  So unfortunately that little surprise has had to be ruined but I really need the fuckers to be really nicely broken in before the wedding.  They're lush and I want to be able to wear them for as long as possible on the day otherwise they'll be too uncomfortable!  I think he was a bit bemused by them to be honest, he didn't really know what to make of them.  Yes yes, you'll all start whinging at me about having shown him, can you please just leave me alone, when have I ever A: Kept something secret and B: Been the traditional type to do things the 'right' way?!!

Went shopping yesterday and bought most of Scarlett's bits, little cardi (I wish I could just wear a little cardi, I might still buy a little angora one for the evening....!), bag, jewellery, and some shoes, but I'm not sure on the shoes, I can't work out whether she still just needs some little ballet slippers instead, with the crazy silver ones for later on in the day...  Equally I need to find some shoes for the evening, as broken in as my ones will hopefully be by then, I still think I'll need some for the afternoon and evening.  I don't really want just flip flops, I'm wondering about some crazy ballroom shoes for the evening?!!  Hmm, eBay here I come.

Evening invites went out about 2 weeks ago, people have got until this Friday to RSVP but so far we've heard from only one family.  So that's nice....! Not.

Gift List opened at the weekend and a few lovely people have already bought us a few bits which is really exciting.  I think I'm going to send them little emails now to say thank you and that formal thank you's will be going out after the wedding.  Is that the done thing?!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Catch up - 7.5 weeks to go!

So, it's been a while!

What to update you on?  Well, my lovely bridesmaid and my ma took me to Liverpool as a surprise Hen Weekend (more on that another time I PROMISE!)  I had the best time, it was just amazing.  As a self confessed Beatles fan girl it was just awesome.  Staying in the Beatles hotel and doing all the Beatles stuff.  And Liverpool is such a brilliant place.  Such characters we saw!!  But I promise I'll do a proper post on it soon with pictures and everything.

Dress is due back from seamstress in 2 weeks time, I delivered a little sparkly something to her a couple of weeks ago so hopefully that'll turn out okay along with the other tweaks.

I need to order a lace bolero but I've spotted one (on Amazon of all places!!) so will order that before the fitting (in theory!)

Andy finally bought a suit last week which is progress to say the least.  Mum told me earlier that she had bought a dress (FINALLY!!) from Vivien of Holloway no less!  Check my ma out!!

Did I do an update to say we'd bought the girls dresses?  We got them from a company based in Worthing called Courtesan Boutique.  One room of this utterly gorgeous house was given over to rails of gorgeous dresses.  We found one that looked lovely and which I'm sure will look ace in the purple chiffon.  Won't give too much away, but they're also due back in a few weeks.

Hair and make up trial had mixed results.  Make up was ace, just a bit more on the eyes and we're there.  Still not sure about lippy, I think it's just going to annoy me so need to think about that, or practice wearing it!  The base was so good it was still intact the next day (naughty, I don't take my make up off at night, I'll pay for that when I'm older I'm sure!)

Hair wasn't so ace I'm afraid to say.  It was okay, but like, it just wasn't me.  I know other brides would've loved it, very technically beautiful but it wasn't how I hoped I'd look.  So I've got a re-trial next Monday where I this I'll just go with the half-up-half-down beehive that I had originally planned for with a few fancy bits for good measure!

What else?  I'll do a post on our invites which went out about a month ago, with the evening invites going out last week.  Had lots of lovely RSVPs left (more on that another time too!) back and some ace song choices - checking the RSVP spreadsheet has really got me through at times.  Knowing that other people are looking forward to our wedding is a great comfort (!) and does make it all terribly exciting!

Cake has been ordered,  Flowers have been ordered.  Even a photobooth is now on the list!

And when I type it all out like this, it makes it all seem exciting and like I actually can't wait for it to be here.

I think I've resolved most of my body issues - i.e. I've resigned myself to being a bit of a heffer on my wedding day, but Andy loves me for who I am not what I look like.  He's attracted to me and surely I'll look ace on my wedding day regardless, as long as I remember to smile and enjoy it, who cares right!!

So that's it for now, will do some proper updates in the next couple of days (in theory!!)