Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hottest day of the year

I hate it when these claims get touted on the news and weather and suchlike and everyone goes around spouting it like the Gospel. Boring!

I have my reasons for hating this 'hottest day of the year' nonsense, mainly because of my physique. I have this paranoia that people think fat people smell. Right. So because I'm fat, I'm paranoid that people think I smell. Which more than likely isn't the case, but I'm still paranoid about it. So I've just applied some perfume rather liberally, the only problem now is that I'm sitting at my desk with the fan on, and I think the perfume particles are being blown into my face because my eyes are stinging! Hahaha, fail! Either that or it's the triple layer of hairspray I just applied to my ailing quiff. Is quiff even the right word? Should it be a pomp?

Andy got paid yesterday, which was nice. I've been feeling giddy all morning with thoughts of a new car seat for Scarlett and having my own wardrobe, how sad. I told my friend earlier that Ikea furniture turned me on, which is probably very true. My bedroom is actually all Ikea, everything, and I'm not joking!

I've been busy all morning at work, clearly nothing gets done in my absence despite me giving someone the heads up that I was off.... Thanks for nothing! I know they have their own job to do but honestly, I've come back to such a mess! I need to crack on really but just thought I'd drop by. Can't even remember what my point was, I had a point earlier.

Just out of interest, does anybody have any good recommendations for a bank; I think Andy and I are going to get a joint bank account for food and household bills. How domesticated.

EDIT: Have just changed my layout, how much better does that feel? More room to moan!

Monday, 26 April 2010

If people point to their wrist while asking for the time then why don't they just point to their crotch while asking for the location of the bathroom?

Dude, you have some worrying thoughts in your head. Well, when we were at uni and needed the loo when we were out on the piss, we used to extend our pinky finger and wiggle it, much is the same way as you would denote a small appendage, to indicate that we needed the loo, because as we all know, girls can't go to the toilet on their own.

Ask me anything

Silly Blogger

I've lost all the blogs I'm following which is pretty irritating as I had about 20 on there, and I can't remember them all but I did read them all periodically, bumholes.

And also because Blogger is having a silly five minutes I haven't been able to thank Kate O for commenting on my last post, it means a lot that someone has my (albeit virtual) back! I'll try to make more of an effort to blog as I know that I have a few followers so I'll try to be more interesting and less whingy!

Although, can I just get this whinge off my chest. ARGH SCARLETT! She drives me so insane sometimes, and I know she doesn't do it on purpose and underneath it all I love her to pieces but mragh she annoyed me today, and I don't even know why. I think I was in a bad mood, I had to take today off which means I didn't get any work done that I needed to and I had mental period pain all day (oh woe is me!)

She's got a cold and was just generally pretty grumpy and bored because I couldn't/didn't want to take her out. I have two problems, an anger problem and a confidence problem, probably both stemming from my weight problem. I got 99 of them, shall I continue?!

But anyway, tomorrow I think I'm going to take her to a park, then see if I can find a good duck pond to feed the ducks and then the library before coming home for lunch and a nap (she'll have the nap, I might do!)

What else has everyone else been up to? In other news I'm dreaming of a French summer holiday (which I can't see happening), a big car (which I DEFINITELY can't see happening) and some pretty vintage dresses (which might happen if I can be arsed to trawl through eBay).

My sister took some vintage inspired shots of me the other day which was fun, but it turns out I can't pose for shit and I really need to lose weight! Will see what the result is, I was hoping it would help her out in her new business venture in terms of promo, but I don't think it will, I think she was a bit pissed off by it all. Oh dear.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Personally attacked on a public blog (again)

How's this for a slice of twattishness:

Rick said...
And additionally since the ‘English’, white, single mother (by choice) of your child might well be offended. [But if you’ve recently moved out of your mum’s house, married and set up home together, let me be the first to congratulate you on your belated commitment to parenthood].
Friday, April 23, 2010 2:36:00 PM

Now, are you serious? This is a personal attack on me, Andrew and our family. How has the guy who monitors this blog approved this comment? Is this slander? Am I being over sensitive? But what exactly has any of that got to do with a Mosque opening in Worcester Park? Seriously?

Andy replied:

Andrew H said...

In addition to my previous comment, may i add that 'living with my mother', ricks words to try and make me look stupid, as is his general misguided debating style when commenting on this blog in general, is not really fair.

My mother has had severe dementia for the last decade, and ive been her permanent carer for the last 7 years. I really don't think trying to smear someone because they basically choose to give up their life to care for a dying loved one is very good form.

Your posts add nothing to this blog except contempt for yourself. They have no substance, and nor are they appreciated. I find them tedious, and such a turn off from visiting this otherwise good natured, adult and informative website.

My reply, though yet to be approved was as follows:

Yet again Rick has personally and publicly attacked Andrew and myself.

His misguided opinions and erroneous views regarding our marital status have been allowed to become slanderous comments on this blog.

I am so sick of the personal attacks dealt out by Rick.

We live a good life, raise our daughter together, and we're both hard workers and are aiming to give our daughter a decent upbringing. We're decent people, why do you feel the need to be so rude to us?

I'm slightly dismayed at the WP Blogger for not editing Rick's comment and letting it pass despite it containing such personal information.

This is not the first time, but I do hope it will be the last.

Friday, April 23, 2010 9:46:17 PM

I'm putting this here more as a record of the conversation should I need the comments in the future. But I'm just utterly incensed at his comments. So angry that our dirty laundry is being aired in public. Just what has any of it got to do with him. I'm sure we do a much better job of raising our daughter unmarried than a lot of married couples do!

I couldn't take being a celebrity; tabloid press cannon fodder, how do they cope with things like this!?!

What's new pussycat?

Not a lot actually. Which is probably why I haven't actually posted anything in like forever.

So what is new? Well, you saw the photos of our downstairs area (of our house, cheeky) which is cool, although, I keep trying to get Andy to stay down there in the evening but he always inevitably wants to go back up to the bedroom, "Cos the tellys bigger." Men.

Hopefully next weekend we should be getting the bookcases (subject to my parents being around with my dad's van as I don't think the bookcases will fit in the Kangoo and we don't have a roof rack) and also a TV stand so that we can bring the "Big telly" down and get on with living like 'normal' people. I can't wait to put the bed into a normal position in the room where I don't have to climb over Andy to get out of bed! Plus, I can't wait to get a normal wardrobe!

Then next on the Agenda is the garden. It always inevitably gets to this time of the year and the garden has overgrown, the pond stinks and is so thick with algae it's any wonder the fish are still alive and the decking looks all crappy again. Honestly, I wish it was a terrace/patio instead of decking which is apparently more in vogue at the minute and decking is so passé! I asked whether we could just fill in with concrete and stick some paving slabs on top, I was told no, so we'll stick with the crappy decking.

I really want to get the pond filled in but it's looking unlikely, we keep arguing abour it! It just takes up so much of the garden, and the decking is full with the table and then when we fill the giant paddling pool in the summer (lush) plus I wanted a sun lounger, but there's literally no room on the decking. The pond gets quite a lot of sun, so if we filled that, we'd have more room. Someone suggested just filling it with a load of sand, but we have quite a problem with the local cats to I don't think a giant sandpit for Scarlett to play in would be the best idea (I'm thinking, giant fucking litter tray, fucking cats!)

So anyway, rant about the garden over. It does need sorting though, major big time! I think we're going to just get some big grasses; bamboo and stuff, make it a bit more oriental and also put some trellis up on top of the fence as this is the first Summer that we're actually going to have neighbours (no more, ahem, shenanegins then)

Right, have got a meeting any minute now with some ladies who I created a new page for on the Student pages, they're coming to agree and tweak the final things before it goes live. Eeek!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Changing Rooms

Voila! The house makeover is (almost) complete. Just a few more bits to sort out, bookcases for the middle of the room, TV stand for the lounge, 2 ceiling lamps and 6 new dining chairs, but that's all easy stuff.

What do you think? (Sorry for short post, am on the hop from work, want to get home, feel very tired today, probably because I haven't had much to do!)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Shoddy Blogger

I really have been a crap blogger lately. And I don't even know why, there's like no reason for me to be so lax. I guess because I haven't been so good at the whole 365 photot thing that I haven't been on here to tell you anything interesting about my life.

I guess because nothing interesting ever really seems to happen. I come to work, I get bored, I do some work and announcements and create new pages for faculties and departments, I go home, I spend time with my homies, then go to bed and repeat. Very dull, but c'est la vie huh?!

We're still poor which also limits things. I think we went a bit crazy with birthday celebrations for Scarlett plus I had to give Andy a bunch of money, so am back at zero a week after payday with bills outstanding. Bring on 29th April and the bumper payday! Wooop!

Scarlett was 2 a week ago. I thought she was going to morph into a brat overtnight a la Kevin the Teenager but seemingly not. If anything, she seems to have mellowed a little. We were talking about having more, but it was quickly canned! Maybe next year.

I'll do a little post with some pics from her birthday.