Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I know I'm like, a week late on all this New Year shiz but I was back at work on the 2nd and then have just celebrated Andy's 30th Birthday yesterday so it's been a busy week.

Which is annoying in some ways as I really wanted to make a fresh start with the old blogging.  I have lots of ideas (which I really need to start writing down because it's like as soon as I start trying to focus on the little idea that floated through my mind a week ago, it teases me like a wisp and disappears completely!!)

So, I had ideas for my New Year's Resolutions, my Life List (Bucket List), my creative writing, my weekly story, words of wisdom, Notes on a Depression, lots of little random bits and I need to sit down and pull it all together and try to come up with a weekly blogging plan and try to stick to it.

Which is hard, as there are only a few hours between Scarlett going to bed and my own eventual slink up the stairs to crash and burn in a haze of tired stupor...  Not to mention the fact that I really ought to start working out as my weight has spiralled out of fucking control the last 2 months, it's obscene how much I currently weigh and having seen images of my arms at the weekend it's small wonder that I've managed to resist taking a carving knife to them as I'm pretty sure my bingo wings could cure world hunger right now....

So, there we go.  I'm currently off work with some disgusting tummy bug I've picked up so once I've fixed the tumble dryer, sorted the washing and dashed to the post office, I'm going to sit down and write a proper plan for my blogging in 2013, because I'm a bloody good writer, I just need motivation and prompts and perhaps attending a course, because quite frankly I should be the next EL James or whatever!