Wednesday, 12 December 2007

All change!

Well we've had two days of crying about it but I think we've reached a decision. And that is that when/IF my parents get their butts in gear and move up north (North Yorks/Richmond area btw as I realise I forgot to answer that question!) then I'll be moving in with Andy. He professed his undying love for me, apologised for being a shit boyfriend because of his situation, and said that he wanted us to really have a chance to be together forever, and as a result he was going to start doing his house up in preparation for my moving in (whenever that be!)

It is all a little scary, his house is crumbling and falling apart at the seams, but how could I resist?! He was so upset. I think all I really wanted was a sure sign from him that he wanted it to work and wanted me in his future. I think I was taking the easy option, in terms of career and job prospects (ie having a chocolate shop or training as a paramedic up north) but in reality I couldnt bear to be apart from him.

So there we have it, when my parents finally decide to move, i'll move in with Andy. Which is scarily exciting.

Not much else to report other than im skiving off training at the moment.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Big decisions to make

Urgh, im getting a bit sick of this job at Zavvi. It's pants really, and i'm getting really really worried about how much time i'm actually going to get off over Christmas. I want the 23rd off for a family do as well as Boxing Day for a family do. And I think i'm just going to say that if they don't give me them off then I quit. It's not the end of the world, the pay in lieu will cover my bills in January (i think). Dunno for sure though. Just a bit annoying really. And they've given me REALLY shitty shifts this week, am not happy at all really. Got to do two 3-11 shifts, what crap! And be up for a 9-5 the day after one of those 3-11's. Grrrr!

In other news, have sold my Chemical Brothers tickets on eBay so that's £150 in the coffers. Have listed my Wii too so if I get what I want for that, it's another £250.

Parents are really seriously considering moving up north, which means we have things to do, start emptying the loft and go and visit the areas they want to move to. And the ideal time for all that is the week between Christmas and New Year, but I wouldn't be entitled to any time off with it being a temp job, so I feel like I want to just quit. Can always ask I guess, who knows. Not sure what i'll do up north, possibly on the job training to be an Ambulance Technician, but don't know yet. I still like the idea of a chocolate shop but definitely not in the place my uncle wanted to set one up.

Had a big conversation with Andy yesterday about stuff, and I said that his situation made it really really difficult for me plan my future, because I really want him to be in my future but he can't really have much of a future with the current situation with his mum. Basically, the gauntlet may have to be thrown down, in that, I'm moving up north with my parents and without him, until he realises that his mum will need 24/7 care and decides whether he wants to be with me in the very long term. Harsh and selfish I know, but that's the way it has to be for now. I cannot afford to rent let alone buy on my own down here, especially when I don't have a guaranteed income or real idea of what I actually want to do for the rest of my life. It's all a bit of a mess. It'll be shit being that far away from him but until he gets his life sorted out, it might have to be that way.

Monday, 3 December 2007

It's a long one

Yuh, have been really really crap lately eh?!

Ok so despite wimping out at training, I managed to play in the match for 70 minutes - the longest so far, and with relatively little pain in my shins. Really enjoyed it actually but my neck really hurt the next day from driving in the scrums. Got some really good encouragement and nice comments from some of the mens team who came to support. Lots said I looked like I'd been playing for years and that I made me opposite number look like a mouse - however she was half my size, come the weekend when we play Hastings I won't be so good! We lost sadly but that was only because they had borrowed a player from another team who just sprinted down the pitch faster than anyone could catch her - bitch. So they didn't really win through rugby, they just won through a shit hot runner from another team. Booo!

Work is still boring, havn't been paid yet so credit card(s) are maxed out again, not good. Part of the reason they're maxed again is because I authorised one that I'd been keeping for 'emergencies', went into work and discovered that we had Wii's in stock. So I bought two, one to keep and one to flog, which I need to do really although the estimates given to me by the boys at work as to how much I could flog it for seem to be a little out according to current eBay listings - bum.

Was really ill before the weekend with an upset stomach, don't want to be frank but it was horrible quite frankly and didn't stop for about 48 hours, immodium to the rescue, until that wore off before work this morning! No idea what caused it, at first though it might have been a dodgy Maccy D's that I'd had for lunch on Wednesday but mum thinks I might have picked something up from someone at work, customer, dirty money etc so she's making me keep antiseptic hand gel in my bag.

Went to see Bill Bailey on Friday night, which was really really good. We missed the first 5 minutes however as the traffic was a nightmare, we stupidly decided that as it was pissing it down we'd drive instead of take the tube, which was a really bad idea. Anyway, the rest of the show that we saw was really good, but it's sort of like when you go and see a film, and you try to remember the best bit, but you can't and it's really frustrating so I'm going to find out when the DVD's released.

And speaking of concerts, my Chemical Brothers tickets still havn't arrived and the gig is now less than a fortnight away. Am getting really concerned because I don't really want to go anymore, so want to put them on eBay too for a bit of extra cash, could probably get double what I paid for them, but I don't want to have to faff around with the whole postage and them not reaching someone in time. Might ask at work, see if anyone wants them, or knows anyone who wants them, for the right price however....!

And I think that's about it.