Sunday, 9 November 2008

Strange Dreams

Well, it seems that once a month, usually coincidentally that time of the month, I have really really strange dreams.

Lastnight I had two which baffled me. The first involved two sets of twins, one set the same age as Scarlett and the other set were newborns. For some reason these twins were in my care, but I was being told that it was time for them to go and so I was dressing them and putting them in car seats ready to take them somewhere. And do you ever get it when in your dreams, you sort of know the reason for something, even if it isn't mentioned in the dream itself? Well, I seemed to get the feeling in this dream that we had been fostering these twins ready for them to be adopted, and I was finding it really hard to let them go, I didn't want to give them up. It was very strange that one.

And the other dream was about my first day at work (tomorrow). I was getting the bus there, and had worn my trainers instead of shoes so my feet didn't hurt. The trainers were very clearly my red kangaroos that are my scruffy trainers. I suddenly realised when I got to work that I didn't have my new brogues or my paperwork (which I'm stressing over because I don't have a P60 and I hope it's not going to cock up pay day for me!) So I called Andy to ask him to drop it all off for me. So I was waiting for him when the other girl that I'm starting with tomorrow (not that I've meant her) was taken off on a tour of the uni and I just said to my manager that I'd catch them up once my shoes had arrived. Eventually the shoes arrived, still the box in the Office bag (where they still are in my bedroom), and I was hurrying to change into them and catch them up on this tour. So I went in the direction they'd walked off in, but I couldn't find them, I was totally lost and felt like I'd mucked up the first day at work. I sat on some stairs and cried. How pathetic. But also, so obvious that I'm stressing about work tomorrow.

My dreams are weird.

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