Monday, 17 January 2011

Name change

As you may, or probably may not, have noticed, I've changed the name of my blog.  Reflection of Me was a bit emo for my liking and well, there's nothing wrong with a bit of French and a revamp for the New Year.

I'm yet to find a really cool blog skin to really change the blog and keep it more in line with the new theme (wedding!) but I think the font is the colour scheme for the wedding anyway.

So, I had lots of things to tell you all about over the weekend, and now it's Monday morning and I'm at work I've completely forgotten all of it!

Mainly it was to say that we're viewing our first venue on Sunday, the Fitzleroi Farm Barn.  I have no idea what to expect, but at £3k it's the top of our budget for venue alone.  Whilst we could hire somewhere else for about that the bonus of Fitzleroi is that they don't insist you use their caterers (they prefer you to but don't charge if you do use someone else) and they are opposed to corkage.  So that ticks both of our main boxes. 

I think our only bugbear is that it's about an hour away from here.  There are some lovely hotels in the area, and its near to Chichester and Arundel.  It's just where to get married as they're no licensed for civil ceremonies, so we might take a quick look at the churches in the area too.

Here's a picture of the interior.  It seems to be just what we want.  We'll wait and see, my only worry is that people are going to turn round and say "You can't book the first place you look at," which is fair enough.  It's not like we can book it anyway as we have zero for a deposit!  We'll try and line some other places up perhaps, wondering if we can also look at Grittenham Barn on Sunday afternoon as mum has Scarlett for the day.

Anyway, Happy Monday to anyone who drops by!

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  1. good lord, that is beautiful! what a perfect looking venue :)

    wedding planning is so exciting, can't wait til i'm engaged, to start planning mine!x


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