Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Music: Help required!

Sorry for the lack of wedding related postings (and for the random ramblings about things!  Also sorry to anyone I might have offended, not my intention, I'm only jealous I can't wear vintage!)

So, what to tell you about the wedding related movements lately?  Well, not a lot.  But I can tell you that I recently started a a notebook stuffed full of clippings from magazines and stuff.

The hot topic of late has been our theme.  My mum probably reads this but I'm just going to say it, she's driven me nuts!!  At first it was, "Are you not having a vintage wedding?"  Well, to be perfectly honest, No!  Firstly, Andy 'hates' vintage.  I'll say no more on that because I don't really understand what he means, he's a modern snob.  And secondly, there are so many other things I wanted to incorporate into the day, OUR day, that it felt ridiculous to say, "We're having a vintage wedding", exclude all the other things we wanted and ostracise my own fianc√© by having a wedding theme that he's not interested in!

Now I realise I did blog about this a while ago and we've sort of settled on a Music theme, regardless of what anyone else thinks, because really, to me, and to Andy too, but mainly me, Music is like such a huge driver for me.  To the point where numerous times I have considered signing up for a Research Degree in Anthropology or something because I'm fascinated by how music shapes us as human beings - but that's for a separate rant!

So, to my appeal!  Having a 'Music' theme, it seems daft to not actually feature some live music.  Our sticking point is that we don't actually have a budget for a band!  It's just not something we can stretch to £1k for!  So, if anyone knows of any bands - covers, swing, jazz, indie (no heavy metal please!) who would like to get some exposure at our wedding then get in touch.

We're willing to pay travel costs and fee of up to £500 in total.  We're looking for 2, 1 hour sets, and we'll provide the music in between (because I am DYING to create the ultimate playlist!) and all the booze you can stomach!  The venue is in West Sussex, which I apologise for as I know it's a mission for not a lot of money but I'm really hoping a good natured band out there wants to get in touch and play an intimate gig for me and my nearest and dearest.

If anyone is interested, please email,

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