Monday, 30 April 2012

6 weeks and counting

So the official OMG countdown is starting to kick in.  6 weeks, how can it only be six weeks?  Last time I heard we still had 6 months!

What developments have I to bring you?

I'm off to Worthing this afternoon with the maids to get their dresses.  I hope they both fit and they look good.  I've seen a picture and I am quite impressed so far so we'll see how they fare.  Am sure it'll be fine, quite excited about seeing them!

I have my final fitting on Saturday.  Ordered a basque which was miles too big so that's going back today and I have another 2 in 2 different sizes arriving today so hopefully one of them will fit!!  I ordered a lace bolero but it was too small and too scratchy.  Serves me right for buying a cheap one.  It did however, prove that with my disgusting arms I need a proper cover up so have forked out £50 for a taffeta one.  Just hope that arrives in time for the fitting on Saturday (and that it fits, I've ordered a size 26 so it bloody well better fit or I shall cry!!)  I just am not confident enough at all to have my arms out, they're just so unsightly!!

I finally showed Andy the wedding shoes yesterday after keeping them under wraps for 6 months.  I don't have any time at home, without him there, to be able to sufficiently break them in.  So unfortunately that little surprise has had to be ruined but I really need the fuckers to be really nicely broken in before the wedding.  They're lush and I want to be able to wear them for as long as possible on the day otherwise they'll be too uncomfortable!  I think he was a bit bemused by them to be honest, he didn't really know what to make of them.  Yes yes, you'll all start whinging at me about having shown him, can you please just leave me alone, when have I ever A: Kept something secret and B: Been the traditional type to do things the 'right' way?!!

Went shopping yesterday and bought most of Scarlett's bits, little cardi (I wish I could just wear a little cardi, I might still buy a little angora one for the evening....!), bag, jewellery, and some shoes, but I'm not sure on the shoes, I can't work out whether she still just needs some little ballet slippers instead, with the crazy silver ones for later on in the day...  Equally I need to find some shoes for the evening, as broken in as my ones will hopefully be by then, I still think I'll need some for the afternoon and evening.  I don't really want just flip flops, I'm wondering about some crazy ballroom shoes for the evening?!!  Hmm, eBay here I come.

Evening invites went out about 2 weeks ago, people have got until this Friday to RSVP but so far we've heard from only one family.  So that's nice....! Not.

Gift List opened at the weekend and a few lovely people have already bought us a few bits which is really exciting.  I think I'm going to send them little emails now to say thank you and that formal thank you's will be going out after the wedding.  Is that the done thing?!

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