Friday, 20 August 2010

Conference bike ride in aid of Cancer Research UK

Just a final little reminder, not that anyone reads this blog anymore, but please, I'm taking part in the John O Groats to Lands End 7 seater "Conference Bike" ride, Leg 19 from London to Guildford, not the whole 30 miles, but at least some of it, and I would be so so so appreciative if at least one person who might happen to read this blog could donate a bit of money to the cause, it's all for Cancer Research UK and it'd mean a lot to me if someone were to donate/sponsor as I'm terrified about it on Sunday, not sure how I'm going to do 5 minutes on the damn thing!

So please, it would mean a lot, 1 in 3 people will suffer from Cancer in their lifetime with a new diagnosis made every 2 minutes in the UK. With your donation, Cancer Research UK can continue their work towards finding a cure, and supporting those affected in the meantime.

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