Sunday, 19 September 2010

Playing catch up - Day 1 - 15 Facts

So I'm behind on this already, now there's a surprise!

1: I have grade 1 in Violin.  My violin teacher told me to give up and "Go play the Flute"
2: I used to play the Flute.  But I was never any good and used to just use Piano sheet music to play the Beatles and gossip with my flute teacher.
3: I have also played the drums in my lifetime.  I did this when I was taking Music GCSE and it really pissed my old bitch of a Music teacher off. 
4: I can sort of play the Bass.
5: I'm a cheat.  Facts 1-4 substantiate this fact.
6: My first car was a Mini 30 called Bertie.  My second car was a Peugeot 306, it was a Turbo Diesel and I raced the arse off it.  He was called Jean-Pierre.  My third car was a Ford Fiesta, she was called Florence.  I sold Florence nearly 2 years ago to a lady who lives in the social housing at the end of my road.  I think Florence must have died and I no longer see her driving past.  Bertie now lives on the Purley Way in Croydon.  He's being neglected, I endlessly hatch plans to rescue him.  Jean-Pierre was sold to some inbred bloke from Derby...
7: I once sold my pet hamster for £5 and a bag of sweets.
8: I have a terrible relationship with food.
9: I'm scared of thunderstorms, and yet, I would love to go storm chasing in America.  They scare yet excite me greatly.
10: I've suffered from depression since I was 13.
11: I'm incredibly selfish.
12: I live for music and my daughter.  I could talk about both of them all day long, endlessly.
13: Fuck you little cursor, stop flashing at me, I've run out of facts okay?
14: I love Strictly Come Dancing and cannot wait for the new series to start properly.
15: I recently learnt some basic swing dancing with Andy, but we haven't practiced which saddens me.

Yes, alright, boring, hopefully there's at least one interesting one in here!!

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