Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tu Vo Fa L'Americano

I have this silly song in my head, not the original or anything, that annoyingly catching remix that they keep playing on Radio 1. I heard it whilst in the van on my epic bike ride (did I blog about that yet?!) and it's on my Spotify playlist so it pops up every now and then. Anyway...

I have lots of lovely new followers, I'm now up to 14 followers, how exciting, Ni Hao! Thanks for any comments that you've left recently, blog love is always the best love....

I had a proper post ready to, erm, post, but then I got sidetracked looking at photos and then told off for being on the internet too much, oooops!

Not a lot to report really. Have come with a rotten cold, am annoyed at my new haircut, it looked super cute the first day (Doesn't it always, damn hairdressers and their super blow drying powers) and now it just looks crap and I look like a frumpy mum. Again. The one thing I keep trying to avoid. Yes, I know I have a kid, but I'm also still only 25, not 55!

I think we're heading out for dinner again tonight, though I don't know where. We were going to go to Bodean's, I think I might just relent and still go, it just means Andy will drink too much and I'll have to drive home from Clapham, which I don' fancy much! Oh well, will see what happens.

In the meantime, some photos perhaps?

Red Lips Wednesday

Hair immediately after cut and blow dry

Hair the morning after, when I've had to wash and restyle myself. Fail

Our roof started leaking in the kitchen during the heavy rain. Fail.

We're potty training Scarlett. Moderate fail.

That's all for now. Going to get ready and decide where to go for dinner. Two nights out in one week with Andy, that's more than when we first met!


  1. oh don't talk to me about potty training! I wanna hear the radio one remixy song! link please!

    And that sucks balls about your roof... any ideas on how to go check it over and fix it yet? is that something you can do yourself or will you have to get Mr Expert in? :(

  2. Hopefully we can get some of this like, tar stuff and just paint it over the crack, coz we think it's just where the felt meets the house and because the bloomin guttering is all blocked it just overflows, runs down the house, and straight into this gap! Booo! But hopefully it's an easy fix.

    See video in a new post...

  3. ooh that top piccy with the lipstick is so pretty! :)

    and scarlett is just adorable! :) x


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