Monday, 25 October 2010

100th Post

So apparently this is my 100th post.  I had something grand planned, I was going to post about how my hair literally never changes, no matter what, where, when, I always seem to have a pomp/quiff.  The only excpetion to this rule is when I have a nice thick fringe, but I so rarely get that to work and look nice that it ends up getting pinned back into a pomp anyway.

I did find some older pictures and it's funny how I never used to really pomp it up, I'd pin it back so it was almost flat, and yet recently, I've really gone for it and it's ended up quite high:

But my grand posting plans failed and I couldn't find many good, hilarious pictures of me, so I've mostly given up.

But I do want to say Happy Monday!  And that things don't feel so bad this week.  It's payday on Thursday but I have to be really careful that it doesn't all disappear straight away, we need to start shopping for Christmas and I need to stay in budget.  At least it's only October, and I have 2 more paydays after this one with which to get shopping, I just want to do most of it this month!  But I think that's just because I like shopping!

I also want to say, that I think you should go and read the blog that me and my oldest friends are working on together.  It's subject is Strictly Come Dancing, so you probably need to like that but we're mostly pretty funny and entertaining so you might like it even if you won't like Strictly....  It's called Strictly Sequins, naff I know, but go and follow it, even if you don't read it, it makes me sad seeing that it only has 3 followers, two of whom are the sister's of one of the authors!

And also, although I haven't set it up yet, I'm thinking of starting a blogging Secret Santa this year, if anyone is interested.  It's a bit like Postcrossing or something, we used to do it on IAM and it worked pretty well, just a small gift, no more than £5.  Element of trust is needed as I'd need to collate people's addresses but we'll see if it works and if anyone is willing to share the Christmas spirit with other bloggers!  I'll post more deets when I've set up the blog for it.


  1. The secret santa sounds like such a good idea!

    Congrats on the 100th post! :) x

  2. I think its a great idea too!

    Also, I have already bought loads of Addies presents already. I actually also over bought for her birthday and Patrick has made me hold back on some because "shes only two" and stuff like that. hahaha oops. Loads of good sales through the year and clearance stuff stored in a cupboard before she is old enough to go looking? yes please!

  3. See, Scazz is just a little bit older at the minute and I was thinking this morning that we can't really get away with taking her shopping for her presents because then when she gets them on Christmas day she might twig it wasn't Santa...!

  4. great post as usual!



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