Friday, 21 October 2011

Ooh, Suits You Sir

I talked a bit in my last post about how we looked mostly at suits at the National Wedding Show at the beginning of the month.  Anyway, a few Google Image searches later, and this is what I've come up with.  Grey suits are pretty versatile, they go with most colours and aren't as 'formal' as black suits.  As we're having a purple and lime green colour scheme, Andy decided early on he wanted a grey suit.

See, look how perfect grey and lime green go together.  That said, I think Andy has already categorically stated he's not having a green tie!!

But lookey what else I found - James Bond (s) in grey suits:

Hello!  See, look how totally smart grey suits look (okay, the fact that it's Daniel Craig in said suit might help, but you get the picture!)

Another Bond (Can I just point out, I don't have a Bond fantasy....)

Of course, the Americans seem to do stylish weddings a bit better than we Brits.  Why is that?  Different kind of light?!

And not forgetting our Page Boy.  I think we're quite looking forward to H, one of Scarlett's oldest friends (no, not him from Steps!) walking down the aisle with Sca.  I found this picture, which is a quite nice little suit, but it had to be posted, purely for the kids face in the picture!

In other brief news, I was the very lucky winner of a competition on the Boho Wedding blog.  I've won a Hen Party Shoot, where the wonderful photographer, Celine Chaplin, will accompany us on our night out and photograph the whole thing!  How exciting is that?!  Better make it a good one!!


  1. I LOVE the lime green tie! I'm sure you could persuade him it's a good move!

    My boy wants grey and teal. Grey is always such a good choice :)

  2. Yes for grey. I don't understand why it's an unpopular choice.

    It's a suit colour you can wear again and again.

    I heart grey.


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