Thursday, 13 October 2011

Off Topic: Kids say the darndest things

I wanted to share this. Because it made me laugh so hard.

The other day, Andy was reading Scarlett a book about 'Experiences'.  Going to school, going to hospital, moving house and one of them was New Baby.  So the new baby arrives but she could not for the life of her work out why the mummy was putting the baby on her booby.  Well, Andy explained, little babies get milk from their mummies boobies.

She was so disgusted, it was kind of hilarious, "Don't say these things to me!" she shouted.  No, it's true, we explained, that's how babies get food.  She was horrified.  "But I had it from a bottle!" she protested.

Well yes darling, that's because mummy suffered so badly with Post Natal Depression, it was probably for the best that she stopped doing so when you were 7 weeks old.  Obviously, I didn't say that, but we did tell her that for a short time she had milk from my boobies.

It was her constant shouting of, "Stop saying these things!" and "No, you're joking you are!" that was just so funny.  We also tried to explain that cows milk comes from a cows boobies but I think that just blew her mind.  Note: Dont Google Image search 'udders' with safe search off when your kid is sat in front of the computer with you!

Anyway, just thought I'd share because it really tickled me.  You probably had to be there.

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  1. kids are so funny :) I love hearing things they come out with! more please!


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