Wednesday, 29 February 2012

More Fat Activism From Me!

I know I keep harping on about it, but this really is a 'big' issue for me.  Annabel at Love My Dress has been having a week of posts titled Laid Bare Week.  Today's was from Emma from the Wedding Reporter owning up about her drastic braces to fix her teeth prior to her wedding.  It made me think again of how brides change themselves to look better in their wedding photos.

I posted the following comment on the blog that I feel sums up my feelings in the run up to our big day:

As a 'plus sized bride', I have felt the weight of pressure to change myself very greatly.  It's now exactly 101 days until my wedding - have I lost any weight?  No.  And it's not for want of trying.  But as my day draws closer, I'm resigned to the fact that I'm going to be a size 24 bride.  On the outside I could say I really don't care but deep inside, there is that little niggle that says, "You should've tried harder."

I guess the fact is, Andy has always loved me this size, he's only ever known me as roughly this size (I was thinner when we first met - that's what a baby and comfort eating will do!)  I don't care if some of my family will tut and say, "She should've lost some weight," because they all know me at this size too and I'm not there to please them!  (Sorry for any family members reading, but please don't judge me on my one day to shine!)

My dress is going to look amazing, and I'm the bride dammit, it doesn't matter what size I am because I'm there to marry Andy and have an awesome day.  Brides always look amazing, regardless of size or shape, pick the right dress and you're laughing.

I'm sure I will look back on my wedding photos and think, "Oh dear tubby" but I guess that's where I've just got to be creative with the photographer.

Do it, don't do it.  The choice is yours, but quite frankly, I've had enough other things stressing me out than to worry about something I rarely have any control over (PCOS and comfort eating).

I know I'm probably just trying to make myself feel better for not having lost more weight but there's not a lot I can do to change it now!  I'm just going to focus on having a great day with Andy and Scarlett and the rest of my lovely family and friends and create some gorgeous memories!

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  1. We are so similar it's a bit scary hehe!
    I was a size 24 bride last year and I kept telling myself I'd lose weight but it never happened. As it got closer I realised that it made no difference whether I was a size 24 or a 12, I was getting married because I wanted to marry the loveliest, hairiest man ever, not because I wanted to look good in photos. And actually, I think I looked pretty wonderful anyway because I had the biggest smile on my face.
    It makes me sad to think of women who feel like this pressure to make themselves look different just for one day. They've lost sight of what they're getting married for.
    You will be gorgeous whatever size you are! I can't wait to see your dress :) xxx


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