Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Gah, I used to be ever so good at blogging things, and lately, I just don't have time!  I need more hours in the day dammit!!

So, what news have I for you?

First, and most recently, I attended the #ZOMGBloggersBash on Monday night at The Distillers in Smithfields.  Can I just say, lovely pub, BITCH TO GET TO!!  Total fucked up nightmare to get there but nevermind!

I quite enjoyed it, I was nervous as hell, but I was with Lex and Charly and so I kind of felt safe.  The bar was rammed when we got there, we picked up our name badges and were handed our Bloggers Bingo cards - the name of the game was to meet new people and gather their names based on criteria - red nails, someone who uses Wordpress to host their blog, someone whose twitter name begins with a capital letter etc.  The prizes on offer were pretty cool.  Personally, I was holding out either for the Illamasqua goody bag or the You're Naked Without One hairclips!

We kinda stumbled around, not sure of ourselves, and not sure of really where to place ourselves.  Lots of bits going on, the girls from The Historical Sauces were there with a table full of vintage styling books and luscious lippies, Little Miss B hats with some gorgeous samples and Wonderland Wigs were there too with some samples to try on (though my beehive, WHICH I DIDN'T GET A PICTURE OF!, wasn't well suited to wig trying!).  There was even a pop-up studio hosted by Tigz Rice Studios, but it was all a bit too busy and so we headed to the bar and got a cider and sort of stood bewildered for a bit.

Eventually we sort of stumbled into conversation with Bethany from My Arched Eyebrow and Betty from Betty Leopard which was lovely, ah, at last, lovely girls to chat to!!  From there we headed upstairs to where Lex and I had thrown our coats at the beginning of the night.  Relief to sit down, stupid pink kitten heels.  I re-iterate my point, kitten heels look great when paraded in front of the bedroom mirror but they're a feckin nightmare to walk anywhere in!  Lex was there chatting away to Tabatha from You're Naked Without One.

Eventually came the climax of the night - the burlesque.  I'd never seen any burlesque before and so I wasn't sure what to expect!  Ruby Jones was first and did something that I wasn't expecting, but I loved it a lot!  Miss Banbury Cross came next and didn't disappoint - champers everywhere!

Then came the Bloggers Bingo raffle draw.  First up was the consultation with Genna McWhinnie - I think it was aimed at beauty and fashion bloggers, lots of whom were in attendance that night - as the paper was drawn out I said I wasn't sure if I'd be able to use this prize.  Lex said, was your sheet really folded up - I said yes, and by the looks of it, I guessed it was my sheet Ree Ree was pulling out!  Sure enough it was!!  Mixture of "Yay I've won!" and "Oh dear, I feel bad, someone else would probably have a real need for that!".  That probably makes me sound really ungrateful, but I felt bad for winning a prize I wasn't sure I could use!  Nevertheless, I think Lex is going to use the prize to hook up with Genna and create a "What Happens at a Rockabetty Shoot" video so that's pretty perfect really!

Time to head home, we grabbed a cab with Shona from Heyday (lovely to finally meet her, albeit, I felt starstruck for some reason, no idea why, but she's just such a lovely beautiful lady!) and Cathy from Perdita's Pursuits.  They both got out at St Pauls and we carried on to Waterloo.  Lex headed off to Waterloo East but Charly and I were greeted with empty departures boards.  Oh.  Lovely.  Snow?  Perhaps?  No, apparently a train had broken down at WIMBLEDON which had shut down more or less everything North of there.  Lovely.

I cannot thank Charly's Chap Phil for coming to pick us up from Wimbledon (we got the Tube, with a nosy bloke who was ever-so interested in our conversation!) and dropping me back to my car at Worcester Park!

I'd love to do something similar again, but perhaps on a slightly smaller scale.  Big thanks to ReeRee Rockette from Rockalily and Zoe from The London Lipgloss for organising.  It was lovely to finally meet ReeRee after chatting to her on Twitter for what feels like years!  Hope to meet again soon!


  1. NoooOOOOooo! What a disaster after such a nice evening! :/

  2. Yeah, bloody trains! I mean, really, the broken down train was miles away!!

  3. Great blog, looks like you had a good night. I'm pleased you enjoyed trying on our wigs. xxx


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