Friday, 16 November 2007

I've been working like a dog....

Ah dear, been busy busy this week. Started at Zavvi on Monday, going well so far, although I did feel like shit on Monday but I think that's just due to the fact that I'm not used to working yet, I've been sitting on my arse for 3 months!! Not looking forward to tomorrow, Saturday shoppers, oh dear!!!

Am watching Hard Day's Night which was the first of my staff discount purchases along with the Anton Corbijn DVD (video director), which doesn't look too good but it adds to my directors DVD collection. Gosh, the noise of those girls screaming at the Beatles, it's just nuts. Working at Zavvi is rather dangerous though, I keep seeing things I really want, Family Guy seasons 1-6 for £75 for example, or the Blackadder boxset, or Mary Poppins and the Jungle book (which I'm going to buy Andy for Christmas - what a big kid!)

Nothing else has happened lately really, just working. Parents lent me the money for my missed loan payment so that's sorted but I feel very guilty. Am a bit fed up of being skint, back at £2450 on my credit card, which is shite, I would've bought a Wii today had I had £180 on it, arse!

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  1. Hope Saturday shoppers werent too bad :)

    Hehe id be awful working there, id spend all my pa before i got it in there :)



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