Saturday, 10 November 2007

Money makes the world go round... unfortunately

For fucks sake, how desperate for money must Northern Rock be if they have to call me at 8.30 on a Saturday morning to ask for a £30 charge, that in my sleep fuelled haze, I tried to pay with an empty bank account. That's just stupid, why not call people at a sensible time so they can answer the call efficiently?! Wankers.

I'm so brassic right now. I'm so fucking annoyed at myself for not trying harder to get a job. Why why why why didn't I just sign on 3 months ago? Technically I've had a job for the last 3 weeks, but they've just taken their sweet time in getting everyone started. And why did I go away at the weekend? I couldn't really afford that, and it might have meant that I started at Zavvi/Virgin 2 weeks ago. And now my mum wants to go through my accounts with me so I (and she) knows what I've got going in and coming out each month. At this rate I feel like I'm gonna have to sell the car, go back to pay as you go mobile and become a nun!

And I can't really get annoyed at him, but he does sit on his arse quite a lot, I bought Andy new trainers and clothes to go away with, and now it's me that really needs new trainers for work and I can't afford them. Something needs to happen with his situation because the amount they're expected to live on is shameful. Jesus, this just all makes me feel very very depressed.

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