Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Venue: Mission Complete

So I've been trying to post for 4 days now to show you some photos of the venue....

Yes, I totally did take pictures of the toilets, and the mirror ball!  Look at the pretty lights in these last two shots. These are hanging on the wall in the smaller part of the barn where we may have our ceremony.  I saw may, because we visited my aunt after the barn who lives in Boxgrove and is a regular at Boxgrove Priory.  We took a stroll over to the church and, wow, it's amazing.  I think I might have to put in a few 3 hour round trips between now and the wedding to secure us a wedding there.  It was stunning, we both said to each other how amazing it would be.  Here's a small picture of it.


That is all for now.  Will write again to tell you about the perfect idea I had for our theme!!


  1. Wow your venue looks fab and I LOVE that you took a piccy of the loos and disco ball ;o) x

  2. Hi I am a wedding planner and I coordinated a wedding here last year. It is a great venue, you just have to work hard to get it decorated. Check out Anna and Marks wedding on my blog to see what she did. Also you have to do it all yourself sommake sure you have plenty of help. Hope you don't mind the advice.

    Julie the Wedding Genie.


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