Tuesday, 8 March 2011

No Ding Dong Bells for me

We've decided just to get married at the barn as originally planned - we were happy to get married there in the first place and just because we saw a nice church, I guess it was never a guarantee that a church was going to let us get married there.  I do still think it's a bit hypocritical of us to get married in a church when we're not exactly the most religious of people!

So then I had a weird idea - get married on June 9th this year, somewhere close to home in a registry office and just have a few select friends there and immediate family (i.e., my parents and his mum) and then have a Humanist ceremony/blessing next June at the barn (which we can do in the grounds/rose garden/lakeside) and the party afterwards.  But I dunno, although it seemed like a nice idea (and convenient for his mum from her care home in Cheam) there was just something not completely right about it I think. So we quickly scrapped that idea!

And now we're back to thinking about the barn.  I'm sure in the summer, with a mop over the floor and the lights and decor and flowers and stuff, it'll look amazing!  And I think what we're going to do is get married in the top part of the barn as opposed to the bottom part (by the toilets!).  It does however mean we need to get our caterers to do more than previously thought in terms of getting the tables in, set up and decorated whilst we're having drinks, but I think they'll manage.  I'd be much happier about that I think.  Just need to get the caterers to agree to that!


  1. yay for a barn wedding! such a cute idea! I wish there were cute barns near me!x

  2. thats a cute idea lady! xx


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