Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Huge Mega Update Part 1: Wedding purchases

So I officially made my first wedding related purchase at the weekend.  We were at the Bijou Bride Vintage Wedding Fair at the Fleetville Vintage Emporium (I swear, if you're ever up near St Albans, do stop by, this place is an absolute MAZE stuffed full of really reasonably priced treasures!) and on my many many walks around the place (there was some interesting entertainment which I won't go into details about but lets just say I had to get as far away from it as possible!) I stumbled across a set of green glass bowls.  There were 5 small bowls and one large bowl.  They were really quite striking and I kinda though, well for £12.50, its not a bad price and we can use them on our sweetie table.  So, we carried on looking, Lex found an amazing green poison bottle for £2.00 which I was well jealous about and we took our bits to the till.

We got chatting to the owners and I carried on looking around, in the window I found another 5 small bowls and a medium bowl.  No price.  I figured it wouldn't be a lot.  The lady asked for £6 which actually seemed reasonable, and meant that 10 small bowls, a medium and a large came to £18.50, which is probably a little over the odds but still not a bad price!

They may not look like much, but they're lovely in person...

This is just a small selection of them!

What else?  So, we decided we needed to send out Save the Dates pretty soonish so people could book hotels/B&B's and just generally not book a holiday around then!  But there was a conundrum, what the heck to send?!

We had decided on a music theme a while ago and had toyed with the idea of making backstage passes for the Save the Dates.  But we couldn't agree on a design and we couldn't do one ourselves (despite the really best efforts and intentions of my wonderful sister Lex) so it all came to nought lastnight.

Then I remembered I had asked a designer friend at work to try and make us her own take on a design we'd seen when we first got engaged.  She's tweaked it so it looks different to the original but I will probably still only post teeny tiny pictures of them because I don't want to get in trouble (but people must copy stuff they've seen on websites all the time right?!)

So we're getting them printed onto magnets with Vista Print, which is working out to be really a lot cheaper than getting them done elsewhere.  I'll let you know when they arrive!

I'll post the rest of my huge update later/tomorrow, it's an exciting one, it's about dresses and includes some truly horrifying pics of my shoehorned into size 14 dresses with the aid of a satin panel and pins!!  Too funny to miss!!


  1. I wanna see your save the dates! Ours were just a bunch of vintage post cards with a stamp on them. If you order from Vista Print again, let me know, Patrick works there, could have gotten you a nice discount I am sure!

  2. Heya, I haven't ordered them yet, am working on the design with the girl on Friday morning so hopefully will order Friday PM and rush them through as I want them for a family do on the 16th....

  3. love those bowls! so cute :)

    those save the dates sound awesome! make sure you post pictures!x

  4. did you get the design sorted yet? Do you want me to ask Patrick for some kinda discount coupon/code?

  5. If he can do it Alex it would be AMAZEBALLS! We're ordering this week!


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