Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Lust For: Shoes

I'm a girl.  This much we know.  And what do most girls love?  Shoes!  And Bags (but bags don't really feature in weddings so Shoes it is....)

I have a reasonably sized collection of shoes at home, whether or not they fit me and whether or not I can walk in them is another matter, but I love shoes.  Maybe it is a bit of a fetish, I just like looking at them, the heels, the straps, the sparkle.  My desk calendar at work is a pair of shoes a day.

So it was always a bit inevitable that my wedding shoes were going to be something of a priority.  However, there are some teeny stipulations attached to my wedding shoes.  They have to have a chunky-ish heel - I'm getting married in a barn, we're having drinks by the lake, stiletto's will just sink into the grass.  Plus, I'm crap in heels - I look like a baby elephant when I'm wearing heels, a bit too large and unsteady, so I tend not to wear them often.  When I do, I feel embarrassed because I feel like I'm lumbering (hhmmmm, need to work on these confidence issues!)

Secondly, and more importantly, they have to look FIERCE!  That's to say, I think they should probably be sparkly, and possibly be purple.  If I get my way, and do actually have the tea length dress I so desire, then the shoes are going to be on show, and that, my friends, is why they have to look amazeballs!

I spotted on the Bonfire Night Bride blog that she had vajazzled (yes, yes I know it's the wrong term, but quite frankly, it works in any context where fake sparkles are applied to something usually unsparkly....) a pair of Schuh heels with crystals (See Here).  So, with this in mind, I figured, I'll buy a plan pair of shoes and vajazzle them.

I saw these in a magazine and figured, hmm, they might work, plus, at only £22, it doesn't matter if a mess it up!  I figured I could buy purple crystals for the heel and toe and get a purple ribbon instead of white.  Perfect.

Olga heels - BHS - £22
The problem was, they only go up to a size 7, and I have such wide feet that I tend to take an 8 in most things (why I don't just declare I'm a size 8 I'll never know!)  So I went to try them on, and quite frankly, they were fugly.  They were a bit of a squeeze for a start and they just made my ankles look a bit massive.  No thank you.

Moving swiftly on.  I had a look at good old Schuh to see if they had anything.  I know they're a huge stockist of Irregular Choice and I love their shoes (even though their wedding ones are a bit plain by Irregular Choice standards)

I had been eyeing these for a while, I love the heel on them and being purple I figured they were perfect.  I really like these, although, they're not sparkly....
Oz Cant Touch This - Irregular Choice at Schuh - £80

Oz Cant Touch This - Irregular Choice at Schuh - £80

Then, when browsing the Schuh site I saw these:

Oz Smooch - Irregular Choice at Schuh - £80

Oz Smooch - Irregular Choice at Schuh - £80

Oz Smooch - Irregular Choice at Schuh - £80
I mean, HOW amazing are they?  They have the purple heel, the glitter, and the sundae on the front - C'est Maqnifique!  I'll have to try them on, but, hmm, we might have a winner!  Plus Irregular Choice are normally pretty wide and fit nicely.

For the evening I had started to think I was going to NEED some flat shoes.  I had considered just getting a pair of flip flops but where's the fun in that?  I'd stumbled across Star Sparkles last year and thought they pretty much rocked.  I'm a Converse lover, having broken them in properly they're just brilliant (although they do make a farty noise when your feet get sweaty, just me, oh, err, okay....)

So I'm thinking I might buy a pair of Converse Oxfords in purple and vajazzle those.
Converse Ox Lo - Schuh - £37

And I might also vajazzle a pair for both my bridesmaids to wear in the evening.

So, there you go, I'm sure I'll find more shoe-y loveliness to share with you before the wedding as, being a girl, I'm allowed to change my mind!


  1. Hahaha I lvoe it! Yes Vajazzle your shoes!!!

    On the flip flop front... Primarni have sparkly flip flops for about £1.50 a pair. I bought lots and popped them in a basket with a sign "Dancing Shoes". They went down a storm xxx

  2. Oy vey! Now I crave carved lucite heels. ;D

    Love those OZ.

  3. My dress is knee length so I really wanted statement heels too. (White satin shoes can FUCK off). Mine are BRIGHT yellow, ha. I got them on eBay in the end - £20 because they'd been worn once and you really can't tell.

    I definitely agree that statement shoes are the way to go. Those IC ones are insane (in an awesome way :) )

  4. I do love my pair of lucite heels. (Thank you eBay and Kurt Geiger).

    Wow they are sparkly. Oh the joy!

    I had a long dress but still wanted non white shoes. (I may have bought 3 pairs of shoes to wear.) Huzzah for fabulous shoes!

  5. I'm probably going to have purple converse with crystals for my wedding shoes. Sadly heels are no friend of mine. I wish they were but I just can't walk in them.


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