Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Barn in Full Bloom

Not really much explanation for this photos, but wanted to share what the venue looks like in the summer - Bloody Gorgeous!  It was set up for a wedding that day so it was interesting to see it laid out and not just empty.  Looked really different.  They've had a new drive laid and the grass was all lovely and soft and green.  The lake looked a bit manky so we might rethink our reception drinks idea and have it in the small rose garden instead or perhaps in a marquee.  The marquee shown in the pictures is not the one we'll hire - it was plastic - but the guy who owns the barn said he has contacts with a company who do a nice canvas one so we'll get in touch with him for that.

So anyway, here's some of the piccies:

Manky Lake - No, the swan isn't dead, just fishing for god knows what!!


  1. oh my gosh, it looks gorgeous!!!

    good choice :)

  2. It's absolutely stunning! I've still got my heart set on a lighthouse, but I can't imagine it'll look anywhere near as gorgeous as this x

  3. Oh it looks lovely!

  4. Saw this and thought of you!

  5. Yur venue is super lush! It looks fab all done up and I LOVE the pink patio sets.

    Your big day is going to be simply divine xxx

  6. I couldn't really get past the joy of the disco ball!

    The setting is wonderful. All that lavender!


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