Monday, 5 September 2011

I'm a bad wedding blogger, got my boyfriend in ya shower....

Whoop, I'm making 6 bucks an hour...

Well, I think I'm making more than that, but not as a wedding blogger (grumble grumble, insert snidey wedding blogger comment here!!)

But I am really quite terrible at blogging.  I guess the reason is that, yet again, the wheels of the wedding juggernaut have ground to a halt.  Again.

I say that but actually, we did make some huge payments this last week.  We paid off our registrar so eep, that's exciting.  When we went to do the official registration bit in Sutton we were wishing we'd kinda just come down to do it on the quiet.  But we were sans witnesses so we gave up on that idea!  But there was a couple there with just two of their friends who got married whilst we were there.  They had a bottle of champagne which they were drinking in the little garden out of plastic cups.  They only looked like they were about 20, bless.

The other thing we paid was the deposit for our band.  I kinda don't want to say who it is as we want to try and keep it under our hats until the night.  But I did reveal it on Twitter two months ago, so if you really want to know, go and shuffle back through my timeline!!  But I'm really super excited about it.  Like, really excited! I just hope they're as good as they look in their videos!

Also, we stumbled across the Vitamin String Quartet on Spotify the other night.  We decided we totally want to compile a playlist to be played during dinner.  Our favourite track was Gold Digger by Kanye West, it was just brilliant, we were in stitches!!  We also particularly loved their version of All You Need Is Love by, er, duh, the Beatles, which we're thinking of walking out of the barn together to after the ceremony.

But the main one, that I think I might walk in to is Just Like Heaven by The Cure.  It's The Cure.  It has a good tempo, Andy introduced me to The Cure when we started going out and really, it's just perfect in pretty much every way.  So, there we go, that's one job done!!

PS. If anyone wants a Spotify Open invite I have 26 of them!!  However, I totally recommend Spotify, I listen all day, every day, and do not regret for one minute paying £10 a month for it.  I don't care what you say, I'd be lost without it and it's made finding music for the wedding a piece of piss compared to trawling through YouTube and converting the files into MP3's....!


  1. Aww. Going to the registry office did feel like a huge step!

    I love your musical choices!

    We had a very similar list.

    Indeed Gold Digger made it to our ceremony. (I love our harpist!)

  2. Loving your music :o) Sounds like its all coming together. Are you having a video? Hope so, can't wait to see it all in action.

    Ahhhhh to the young newlyweds with their Champers! Love and champers whatta winning combination!

  3. Thanks girls, we were really pleased when we found the Just Like Heaven track, it's just perfect in every single way!

    I wish we were having a video Lou but it's just totally outside of our budget at the minute. If we find some nice young video orientated sort who would like to do it for us, we'd be most pleased.

    I might do a post on this, save me writing it all out in the comments!! (And seeing as I seem to lack post inspiration sometimes!!)


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