Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dry Your Eyes Mate

It's been a week since Andy shared his memories of the night Woody made his entrance into the world. I had to apologise to people afterwards as I think it made for quite uncomfortable reading. I know it did for me, and it happened to me, but hearing it from Andy's point of view was breathtaking in some ways.

It's also given me some good bragging rights. Now let me just clarify, it sounds odd I know that I want to brag about what happened. But I survived that shit. I survived losing 80% of my blood, cardiovascular collapse, my uterus tearing pretty fucking badly. I'm here to tell the tale. Yes, I am a bit of a legend, how the feck did I survive that?! I'm the wussiest person I know! (We're having the doorways at home widened as we speak....!)

It was bad. Really bad. But I'm here and so is Woody (making himself very known during the hours of 8pm-1am when he likes to have his 5 hour faffing around!).  I've got a little way to go in terms of recovery. I'm now on a course of antibiotics as I have an infection (where I don't know but judging by the nagging pains in my uterus, I'm kinda guessing it's in there). 

I have days where I feel great but then I do too much and put myself out of action for a good 48 hours afterwards. I'm still definitely not myself, which is hard, because I always imagined that 4 weeks after having the baby I'd be back on my feet, zipping around, going on coffee dates and generally being a hausfrau. But sadly not. I never expected to feel so pissed off at having to be so lazy!

So again I apologise to those for whom the preceding posts we're upsetting in any way. But we lived it and survived it and we want to tell our tale. It helps us. It also helps explain why I've not really been on planet earth for the last 4 weeks.

If you can take it, I'm going to pick up where I left off, in theatre....

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