Sunday, 19 January 2014

Looking Back/Looking Forward - 19th January 2014

Today I'm linking up with Hannah over at Make, Do and Push! for her The Week That Was Captured #TWTWC feature and trying to start a new weekly post of my own where I want to look back at the week gone but also set a couple of tiny goals or things I'd like to achieve in the coming week.

I've been following Hannah's posts for a while but have finally decided this week I'm going to participate in #TWTWC and hopefully, knowing I need to share some half decent photos, or just events of interest, each week will spur me on to get out and about a little more and start taking photos again (you wouldn't believe I have a degree in Photography...!!)

Looking Back

This week started quite badly with a major wobble over my recovery progress, I overdid my activity last Sunday and left myself feeling very low and in pain during Monday.  Thankfully my mum and Godmother were visiting so I had help; I feel bad because I left them to it whilst I had a sleep (which I was so grateful for!).  I started a course of antibiotics for this un-named infection and started to feel much better by Wednesday, and have started to get into a little routine.

Without further ado, here's my week in pictures

Clockwise from Main:

  • Woody turned a month old on Friday 17th January - I celebrated by taking some pictures of him so that we can compare his growth.  Here he is pictured with the first sleepsuit he wore, though I had no idea what he had worn, Andy assures me it's the case!  Someone also pointed out that the blanket I've laid him on looks a lot like graph paper so that's a happy coincidence. 
  • Our week began with mass bed invasion last Sunday morning.  We promptly started Googling 'Caesar sized beds' but at around £2,000 for a mattress, we might have to make do with an upgrade to a kingsize!
  • I got a new phone on Monday, which was exciting, I do love a new gadget.  I've been an Android user for 18 months now and I don't think I'd go back to an iPhone (I get my Apple fix with my iPad....!)
  • On Friday afternoon my sister came round and I managed to do my first school run with Woody.  It was a good test run and I was glad I had someone with me.  I can't believe it's taken a month after his birth to be in a position to do it, but I was incredibly pleased and proud of myself to have managed it. I've planned a different route to her school that avoids the big hills too so that's good.  I was shattered when we got back though, but I'm hoping to start easing myself back into it this week (not to mention, I HAVE to do it on Tuesday as Andy has to leave early to get to the Isle of Wight).
  • On Thursday Woody met his first buddy Joe for the first time.  Joe was born a day before Woody in the same hospital.  It was lovely to see Carly and catch up and also really reassuring (for me at least!) that they're doing similar things; faffing around at night, making odd grunting noises!  I personally feel really blessed to have met a friend who lives locally and is at the same stage with a baby and it's such a funny coincidence that our boys were born a day apart.
  • And finally another picture of Woody, dressed as a skater boy (showing how 90s I am there...!)
So there you have it, this was my week, how was yours?

Looking Forward

Briefly, I want to be more organised in most areas of my life this week.  I have no control over my body any more and cannot control how quick I recover so I'm hoping that by putting myself in control of other things (household diary and finances) I will start to feel more me again.

I'm aiming to do the school run at least twice this week, that's my mini goal - exercise and hopefully a start towards being myself again too.

Also, we're hatching a big plan which will bring massive changes in our lives so we'll be making our first enquiries in that area (although, for those that have followed some of our recent plans, the mortgage has not been forthcoming, so please don't get excited that we're buying our own place....!)


  1. I love the top photo of Woody so much! It's like he's doing "Saturday Night Fever"! Gorgeous :)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC and I look forward to reading your goals and achievements in the coming weeks! xx

    1. It's brilliant when you manage to capture shots like that with kids, I'd forgotten the joy of going back through and realising you've got one!!

      It was a last minute decision to join in this week, I'm hoping this coming week I can give it some more thought (and it's actually made me want to find my DSLR (yes, preposterous, I have a Canon DSLR somewhere in this house and don't use it!!) and make an effort to take one decent shot of something a week). xx

  2. Woody is gorgeous :) I can sympathise with you on getting out and about with a new born, especially for the school runs!! Good luck with your goals for this week. X

    1. Thank you, we're quite taken with him!! I managed my first one today and felt quite good, might try again later in the week!

  3. Love the idea of TWTWC :) You should stick with the graph paper blanket its super cute charting his growth in pics :)

    1. It's a good blanket, I hadn't even noticed the pattern! You should get a blog and join in!

  4. Love the firs looks like Woody is auditioning for Saturday Night Fever ;) #TWTWC


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