Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Entry No 3

Went into Kingston with Andy today to hire his suit. Although, actually we hired the suit from a little shop in New Malden. Hopefully once he has it all on together with shoes and contacts and a hair cut he'll look really dapper. I splashed out on a satin clutch bag. Think im pretty much ready for it on Saturday now. Will probably have a run through either tomorrow or Friday.

Had my haircut lastnight and I don't like it already! It's mainly because I can't style it myself. Have bought mousse and hairspray and big velcro curlers because I intend to try and create some kind of beehive type look for the ball. Fingers crossed it works!

The hairdresser suggested that I try shops in Bromley for Christmas Temp jobs to earn some money whilst I decide what to do with my life. She said her boyfriend has just started working in Virgin and I was like, "I used to work in Virgin." So after she'd finished my hair I called them up and spoke to the deputy manager, asked if they were looking for temps and he said yes, they were going to have a recruitment day. Told him that I used to work in Virgin and he changed tack and said, Well in that case, if you come in and ask for myself, Andy, or Shaun/Sean/Shawn (who knows I was on the phone!) the manager, then they'd have a look at my CV and have a chat with me.

So, fingers fucking crossed everyone because, as hectic and shitty as it can be, I would love to work in Virgin again! I've done a Christmas there before and it was fine - the worst part is the sales and the refunds! It's when everyone decides to bring back all the CD's they bought in the last year and have decided they don't want anymore and try the old, "My-Gran/Aunt/Mum/Little Sister-bought-it-for-me-and-I-couldn't-bear-to-ask-for-the-receipt- as-I-didn't-want-to-hurt-their-feelings," bollocks. But we'll see what happens, don't want to get too excited about it.

Parents are going to Durham tonight as my dad is going to see Ken Dodd (snore) with my uncle. I personally think that going to see Bill Bailey at the end of the month trumps Ken Dodd but dad's having none of it!

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