Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Ha, I have freckles!

Well Saturday night I wasn't too well... I threw up in the middle of the night so hard that I brought myself out in red dots. My instant panicked reaction was to shout, "Oh my god, I've got meningitis!" Thankfully I havn't just a quick scout of Wikipedia proved that it's a petechial rash caused by coughing and vomitting too hard. Nice. Went to the doctors yesterday and she prescribed me penicilin, however, I took said penicilin this morning on an empty stomach and it made a re-appearance 2 hours later. I'm rarely sick and I've now been sick 3 times in as many days. I don't like it!

Got the job in Virgin so that's good. Have got my induction next Monday evening. Have had to chase the previous company for my P45 though, scumbags, so hopefully that will arrive before the weekend.

The cake stand I ordered for my Grandmum's birthday party arrived yesterday. It's huge, but is going to look really good once all the cupcakes are made and arranged on it. Am getting a bit excited really but have got two training sessions to get through before our big match on Sunday which I'm not looking forward to. Havn't done anything in about 3 weeks now since I got signed off with shin splints so that's going to be fun tomorrow.


  1. Aww hun that sounds horrible :(

    yay for getting the job :) Hoep Monday goes well! x

  2. Hahaha, looking back at this, I was roughly 4 months pregnant, no wonder I was puking!


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