Thursday, 4 October 2007

Entry No 2

Well my new double glazed windows were meant to be in yesterday, they've been sitting in my dad's workshop for 2 years and finally they're being installed. However for some reason or another i came home at 5pm lastnight to find a big hole in my room where the windows should be! Im not sure what took them so long, but by the time i got back from training i had windows, a big hole where some bricks fell out and a dust sheet for curtains! Oh, and this isnt some dodgy firm doing it, it's my dad and our builder! And the dust sheet smelt!

Have been 'playing' rugby now for about 2 months with Old Dunstonian's Ladies. Training lastnight was rubbish, couldnt do a thing because my shins hurt so much. Have been advised by the coach to go see the club physio girl tonight to get her opinion on it all. Part of me wants to be signed off for three weeks, but the other half of me feels really bad like im letting the team down. I enjoy playing once im into it and i'd hate to have to start missing matches because of it.

Got treated to a rousing rendition of, "Who ate all the pies?" whilst walking the dog in the park. Was on the phone to my good friend Vicky at the time and I think she was a little shocked, she lives in a little village in Scotland and says everyone are snobs. Sadly, I live in South London, and everyone are chavs. C'est la vie.


  1. Yup I was horrified!!! I'd probably have slapped them one and waited to get beaten up for it! oops!

  2. God people are shitty :( Hope the physio helps to sort your shins hun x

  3. People are shitty. I just don't see why people have to talk to you while your out (unless it's in a club or something or they know you). It was really bad in Bradford, not a day went by when I didn't get some comment from someone.

  4. Wow, people left comments, yay! Andy was a bit shocked too when i told him, stupid boys. He says he gets it a lot when he plays football in the park, but being a bloke he squares up and says, "Come and say that to my face" and they never do. Fools!


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