Friday, 26 October 2007

Sweatshirt Vs Hoodie

Okay tell me to shut up because I'm being stupid, but I had a text from my captain earlier to tell me that I wasn't allowed a team hoodie as I havn't played enough matches and will have to settle with a sweatshirt. Fair enough. I suppose.

BUT, there was a unamimous vote, on whether people wanted hoodies or sweatshirts, and hoodies won that vote, obviously, so why even order naff sweatshirts.
I look stupid in sweatshirts.
They're a bit dated and 80's.
I pay my subs like everyone else so why should I get second rate kit.
It doesn't promote a unified team feeling or image and it's just going to make half the team feel like the B team!
I have a sneaking suspicion that they'll be old ones that have been sitting in the kit cupboard.

Like yes, I'm probably being childish but it just really pissed me off earlier. I'm all about hoodies, I so wanted a team hoodie because I could probably get away with wearing it out. I don't want a poxy sweatshirt. So I text the captain straight back and asked if I could pay for a hoodie, which I personally don't think I should have to seeing as I pay my subs. She just said she'd find out for me. Grrrrr.


  1. :( That does kind of suck, surely the kit should be the same for everyone. How are you feeling hun, less ill? x

  2. hoodies>sweatshirts... and if anyone would know, it would be me!


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