Sunday, 7 March 2010


So slightly premature, because I haven't got any pics of it, but have managed to sort of create a big old bang in my hair. It's not very good, and is terribly wonky and a bit high, but it's a good first attempt. Plus with the glasses that I bought from a fancy dress shop on eBay, I am working to 50s thing today!! Will post pics later when I get home, but right now am on my mum's laptop in my parent's kitchen.

Andy's cooking a roast for my sister's birthday, apparently that was what she really wanted to eat (thank god it was the Chicken and Tarragon crap she had theatened to request because I fucking hate it!) So yeah, he's all a go-go, in his element because my parents have a cool kitchen (well, my dad is a cabinet maker, although, it took 18 years for my mum to actually get a proper kitchen in this house, always the way, it was par for the course that they'd have a nice kitchen eventually!)

What else? Not a lot really. We're leaving Scarlett here for the night with my parents, Andy's in the office tomorrow and obviously, so am I, felt bad taking another Monday as annual leave to look after her! So he's going to try getting the bus to work for the first time, which should be interesting. What's going to be even more interesting is that I'm going to have to get up, get ready, and drive myself to work on time to get parked, eeeek! Hahaha! That's going to be a tough one, will definitely have to get up earlier than normal. Although, I have been threatening to just do my make up at work and do my hair and foundation at home. Will probably have to resort to that.

Anyway, what a boring post! Will post pics of my hair later!

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