Friday, 19 March 2010

New beginnings

Well, I've been in this new job for a week now. What can I say? It's nice, don't get me wrong, mainly it's nice not to be downstairs with certain people I didn't get on with. And it's nice to be in a different atmosphere. It's just whether the atmosphere itself is nice, it's different, yes, but is that a good thing?

The main reason I hesitate on this point is because it's just so damn quiet! So quiet. Like, you could literally hear a pin drop, it's immense. Everyone is so absorbed in their work. But this means, no one really chats. There's little flurries every now and then, but they're few and far between and mostly don't include me. Even now, the sound of my keyboard is like the loudest thing in here other than the Air Conditioner. Most people just use their mouses for their jobs, so me using the keyboard is probably a bit of an alien sound for them!

I didn't want to piss and moan, I really didn't, I wanted to enjoy it, I wanted to get a lot out of it. And I guess it's just because I'm so new, people don't know to come to me for things. Mostly I get little flurries of things to do when someone emails one of the noticeboards with a request to post an event or news. I do have about 4 projects to work on over the course of my time here, 2 are pretty big, 2 are medium, and I hope to start those next week so that's something to look forward to, something to do, something to call my own.

Right now I'm just finding it a bit hard and strange. By midday I'm usually crying out for some human interraction. Literally crying! By mid afternoon it seems to pass and I start to feel a bit better with the anticipation of not being at work for much longer. It's a little depressing, but I'm getting paid a lot more money, and I don't have 'someone' on my back, so I should just shut up and get on with it. I wouldn't mind, but my screen faces the door, I can't even look on Facebook or do a bit internet window shopping without worrying who's going to come through the door any minute!

I'll try and update Flickr and my photo blog at some point today, although, that again is hardly work!

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