Friday, 26 February 2010


Various terrible photos of my new haircut. I don't have one of what it looked like before but I much prefer this. Give it two days, two times of me drying to blow dry it myself and it'll all look well crap!

Anyway, three day weekend as I'm off on Monday as Andy is back in the office. Wooop!

Going to an event tomorrow morning to see if we can find a childminder, that's going to be fun. Hope they don't ask for a deposit or anything, we're not going to have the money until the end of March now. I might just leave it to Andy to be honest, he can find a childminder, I trust his judgement.

Am going, we're watching Goodfella's. God I hate Ray Liotta's character, what a horrible person.

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  1. ooooh I love a hair cut me! Wel actually that is a bit of a lie. I have it done and then get all cold sweats and panicky about it hahaha


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