Thursday, 1 April 2010

Shoddy Blogger

I really have been a crap blogger lately. And I don't even know why, there's like no reason for me to be so lax. I guess because I haven't been so good at the whole 365 photot thing that I haven't been on here to tell you anything interesting about my life.

I guess because nothing interesting ever really seems to happen. I come to work, I get bored, I do some work and announcements and create new pages for faculties and departments, I go home, I spend time with my homies, then go to bed and repeat. Very dull, but c'est la vie huh?!

We're still poor which also limits things. I think we went a bit crazy with birthday celebrations for Scarlett plus I had to give Andy a bunch of money, so am back at zero a week after payday with bills outstanding. Bring on 29th April and the bumper payday! Wooop!

Scarlett was 2 a week ago. I thought she was going to morph into a brat overtnight a la Kevin the Teenager but seemingly not. If anything, she seems to have mellowed a little. We were talking about having more, but it was quickly canned! Maybe next year.

I'll do a little post with some pics from her birthday.

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  1. hey! i was on formspring reading fleur de guerres answer to your question bout vintage clothing,(via twitter!) and then i clicked on the link to your blog which is how i got here! haha complicated or what! anyway, i just wanted to say ive got really drawn into reading your blog for about an hour!! it's like a good book, i love the way you write stuff, it's great! just wanted to tell ya! ttfn, janine x


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