Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hello Goodbye

Have been pants at blogging, again, ha.

I admire some of the girls I follow in their dedication to the art of blogging. I just don't seem to get time. They need to make a blogger app, that'd make it easier.

So, to get you up to speed, some things that I shall list that I have done lately:

1: Paul McCartney
Yes, I did Macca. Hmm, perhaps 50 years ago...! But yes, rather last minute, I booked myself and my sister tickets to go and see Paul McCartney at Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park on Sunday. It was A-MA-ZING! Like literally the best night of my life so far, without a doubt. The night I saw Orbital at Brixton Academy comes a very very close second, but this was just, something else. To hear Beatles songs, played live, by a Beatle is like the pinnacle of life or something for me (getting married and having more kids, meh, overrated...!) I did take some photos and videos and they can be found here on my Flickr photostream. Annoyingly, the video for Live and Let Die didn't upload, it's on my Facebook, if anyone wants to add me to see the pictures and videos please feel free to add me....

But it was totally cool, he played most of my favourites, especially Eleanor Rigby but he also played a lot of Wings stuff which we didn't know (apart from Band on the Run and Live and Let Die). I don't care if the reviews said his set has been the same for years as have the anecdotes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And it's given me a bit of a taste for going to a festival hence...

2: Festival craving
Registration for Glastonbury 2011 opened today, time to get my picture taken and PRAY we get tickets this year.

Have noticed that the Big Chill festival this year has a line up that suits me to a 'T'. So cue me bugging Andy to go, he says he can't think of anything worse, he hates the line up. Buggeration. My sister's friend plays with Paloma Faith who is playing that weekend - wonder if he'll get any tickets... The main reason I want to go is because the Easy Star All Stars are playing. For anyone who hasn't heard them, totally go and listen to them on Spotify because they're amazing!

3. iPhone 4
So, I pissed my manager's off by calling them at 10:30 and announcing I was taking the day as Annual Leave (ooops!) but I finally after a long painful day got myself the new iPhone. Totally made up. It's great, I've really missed not having an iPhone. Yes, I'm a geek, they're a waste of money, whatever, you're just jealous! I'm a total Apple fan and would get all their products if I could afford them (to me, this is the ONE advantage that PC's have over Macs).

Oh yeah, the only downside? It won't work with my iMac - it's too old! So I went to buy Snow Leopard except, duh! My iMac is too old to have an Intel processor and as such won't run Snow Leopard. One of the IT guys at work thinks he has a disc for Leopard which should work so I live in hope I can restore all my old apps and music. At the minute I seem to be doing okay, and any apps I had bought on my old iPhone I'm able to download again for free so that's okay. Sorry, that was quite a lot of detail there hey?!

4. Upcoming holiday
I booked for Andy, Scarlett and I to go to Dorset for a week next month (well July 16th which is like 2 weeks away). We're staying in a little chalet that looks okay so that's cool. I'm pretty excited because it's basically where I used to go as a teenager with the youth group to camp. I have SO many good memories of being down there, that I really am excited. Andy isn't as excited, he's worried that Dorset is just for old people! So I need to do a bit of research to prove him otherwise.

5. Mental work
Well, I'm putting this because it's getting close to 10:30pm here, which means I can still be in bed by 11pm I know, which is an hour or two earlier than my last few nights, but I'm so tired at work, I literally am falling asleep at my desk! Today, I had to escape to the toilets twice just to close my eyes for 5 minutes, isn't that awful! But it's also been really hot in our office which hasn't helped, and the work I've got to do is so laborious and dull it's making it all worse! GAH! Nevermind, determined to go in and concentrate tomorrow. Shit, except I have the dentist at 3pm tomorrow, fucking dentist. I put it off last week to watch the football so I have to go tomorrow, buggeration. I have such poor dental hygiene it's embarassing, that's really gross I know, one of my failings, I rarely brush my teeth. There, I said it. Whatever, it's not like I shit and don't wipe my arse....!

6. Tattoo planning
I go for my consultation with Nick Horn at Good Times Tattoo in Shoreditch on Thursday evening. Eeeeek! I sort of have some ideas, but I keep changing my mind. So I think it's best I take my ideas and tell him my concerns etc and see what he says. He comes highly recommended by Alex so I can only hope that he has the ability to help me decide whether I really want it doing. I do, I think I'm worried my mum will go apeshit, that's all! If they're done well, I won't regret it, I think that's the reason I hate my other ones.

I don't have a seventh, and 6 is an even number, so I shall stop there. How have you been, all 4 of my followers....! Go forth and recruit people to read my blog, or at least follow me, I don't care if they don't read me! I just want to feel loved dammit! Haha!


  1. I'm so excited for your consultation! You have to let me know how it goes. Nick is a great guy, I think you'll love him.

    Also I think you can update your blogger blog via text message and email, just check your dashboard bit... :)

  2. Yah, I too am super excited, need to gather my ideas. Just need to get through the dentist today (this isn't really related, but I'm worrying about it!)

  3. All of the above excites me. Apart from Paul McCartney. ;)

  4. Nooo, how can you not like Paul McCartney? I was raised on the Beatles and the Frog Song, we actually have a Frog Song picture disc at home in the loft, love it!

  5. Wow, exciting stuff! I wanted to see Ringo Star and his all-star band, but the BF says he is the worst Beatle. :( the BF is lame.

    I am jealous of the Iphone,I want one soooo bad.


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