Monday, 7 June 2010

Weekend Photo Post

I wanted to post this yesterday, but in the end, I was too tired and I was having trouble trying to upload photos to 4 different places at once (impatient, as always!)

Saturday was just Saturday, our usual fruitless trip to B&Q for garden lights, followed by a BBQ. Such creatures of habit!

Scarlett's 'cheese' face. You put a camera in front of her, say cheese, and this is what you get!

Yesterday, we went to Richmond park in the morning....

Semi-cheese face

The soaking wet Converse....

Scarlett in the giant hollow tree...

.... And in the afternoon I made Whoopie Pies! I've been a little obsessed with them ever since I saw them on the Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog (I told you I was reading a lot of wedding blogs!)

Before I covered them in crappy icing, will use white marshmallows next time, using a mixture made the cream a weird salmon colour!

The picture...

...what mine looked like. Hmmm.

They came out a bit garish but they were pretty tasty, I think I'm going to ice them differently next time though, I hate glace icing, it hurts my teeth. We have a BBQ at my aunt and uncles house on the 19th so I think I'm going to try and make some to take with us.

Sorry, this has probably been a bit lame, clearly my creative writing juices aren't flowing this morning!

What did everyone else get up to at the weekend - do tell...

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  1. Wow they look amazing! I still need to try them :) go you!!! Xxx


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