Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I went to the gym this morning, I was there at 6am. I was up at 5am because Scarlett decided she didn't like her cot anymore. She came and pretended to sleep on our floor, except, she didn't sleep, she just aped around until I had to get up to go to the gym. I really could've done with those 40 minutes she robbed me of. Little moo-ey.

I just felt I better update, I haven't in like a week, which makes me feel bad.

Since yesterday we've been trying to eat better. I think I did okay yesterday, I didn't snack at all, dinner might not have been so good (Pizza Express at Home pizza) but when I weighed myself at the gym this morning I had lost a pound since Sunday (weighed on the same scales)

Plus we're using Food Focus to track our food and exercise so we'll see how that works out (I will probably forget to do it by tomorrow and then won't for a week and have to lie, not how to do a successful food diary!)

Andy and I both really want to get the iPhone 4 when it comes out next week, but it's all adding up. We think roughly £150 for the phone, plus the £80 to get out of our existing contracts early. Although, if the leaked Vodafone pricing is to be believed, I might say stuff the £80, I'll carry on paying my monthly bill until my contract with O2 expires and go with Vodafone. What a conundrum. (I can't pay the £80 a leave O2, if i want out for that reduced rate, I have to stay with them, wankers!)

The other problem is, that it's going to wipe out like a 6th of our income in one fell swoop, and that's not to mention the fact that we have the childminder to pay (another £200) plus I really wanted to buy a custom Able Grable before Miss Matilda goes on her summer hols. Ugh, I hate money (and lack thereof!) No wonder I'm getting headaches all the time.

Anyway, best crack on, I've done nearly no work in the last week which is quite bad (mainly because, I don't really know what I'm meant to be doing!)

How is everyone else?


  1. why dont you wait off on buying an able grable and then use that as incentive to lose some weight? I expect itll come around pretty quickly if you keep up all this good work!

    Also if you phones are working fine leave the new iPhone for now. I really don't understand why people are so quick to jump on the new band wagon when you know give it a few more weeks they'll have another one out.. especially if the one you have right now is fine and money is tight!!!

    I just signed up to weightlosswars.com which seems kinda fun. I dont think Ill take my diet too seriously just now though, because my period is making eat everything in sight!

  2. Yes, I probably will wait for the Able Grable, am just so sick of having nothing vintage-esque to wear (and I mean nothing, apart from a hat!) and at least they were willing to accept a plus size custom unlike VoH....

    Andy's phone broke the other day and mine is rapidly failing. Having said that, I might let him get the new one and just plump for a 3GS or something (I think I prefer the old design anyway) But I am such a gadget freak it's unreal, and the iPhone is the one gadget I have truly loved and it's a bit like, so near but so far because I had one, and stupidly took it to the gym so it's like an itch I HAVE to scratch now!

    I too will probably fail next week around that time of the month!


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