Friday, 4 June 2010

It's Friday

Hello all of two followers (yknow, if you're reading this, you really should go and click that follow button if you haven't already, I can be quite interesting sometimes!)

What's been happening?
Not a lot has been happening for me actually, not a lot! Scarlett had a successful session with her new childminder yesterday so that's good, she gets on really well with the other toddler that the minder looks after, so hopefully she'll be fine next week, so pleased. She didn't appear to have nits despite the girl at nursery freaking me out the other week but I'm still knotting her hair into tight plaits when she goes there! She needs a trim really, because it's quite long, but it's long in her eyes, it reaches her mouth for goodness sake - mealtimes are a treat in our house!!

Think we got sorted with Andy's mum, she can stay in the nice home, albeit in a shared room, but I think she likes that, she had a shared room at respite and really like the company. I should go and see her, I am starting to feel bad about not having been up there, might suggest we go this weekend.

I've been reading a lot of wedding blogs, in particular Rock 'n Roll Bride, and I can't help hoping that we can get engaged sometime soon, but I don't hold out much hope. Although, what hope do I have when I keep pestering him?! Would serve me right if we never got married!

Work has been busy, ish. Although, I've only been here 2 days so far, and I'm not sure if today is going to be very productive, I have a meeting this morning and then need to go and train a girl on SharePoint this afternoon so hopefully it should pass quite quickly. I had to go home on Wednesday as my sister wasn't well so couldn't look after Scazz. I think she has the flu, hopefully not Swine Flu but something pretty bad by the sounds of it.

I should probably get back to work....

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  1. YES! You can get seamed tights from M&S, and they're cheaper than the stockings!

    Sorry that this is random, I just didn't think you'd see it on my blog :)


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