Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Well, haven't been around much, mainly because we got cut off again at home. Not going to be reconnected until Friday at the earliest, booo! So am having to snatch internet time whilst I'm at work, which isn't easy when you work with a hawk like I do!

Andy's mum is likely to be discharged from hospital today, and is hopefully going straight to the care home which will be very strange indeed. It hadn't occured to me that she might not be coming back to the house at all. Makes me sort of want to go and buy 20 litres of white paint and coat the house in it, fresh start sort of thing yknow. Will wait and see, apparently the care home are waiting for a pressure relieving mattress for her, which might be today, or might be tomorrow, but am on standby to go home and look after Scarlett. Andy just sent me the funniest picture, but I don't have my camera cable here so can't upload it to show you! Damn, will have to wait until Friday!

So, I got the job last week, althought it literally hasn't sunk in because, well, no one's told me anything yet. I don't really know what's going to happen, when I need to handover to someone, what I need to pack, I can only assume I need to pack all my belongings from this desk and move them upstairs. Might be a good opportunity to have a clear out at the same time. I want to take my keyboard with me, I'm really used to it and it just feels nice and works nice, some of the older ones are horrible, this is a sort of ergonomic one and I'm just used to it, and in a job that involves a lot of typing I want to take it with me! Sorry, that was too much information about how much I love my keyboard!

I used the other night, it was hilarious! It was mostly people wanking off which was unnerving, but also fascinating; big ones, small ones, flaccid ones just lying there, ones in pants, some pointing right at you! I had about 6 interesting conversations with people, if that actually! Mostly it was just clicking 'next' before the other person could 'next' you, thereby deciding you weren't interesting looking enough, it was quite depressing. At one point, a guy stopped singing Amazing Grace just to tell me I was fat; you should've seen him though, typical American fattie! Fucker! So yeah, alas no internet at home means no chatroulette fun until Friday, but I'll be back, it was fascinating! Think I might need to show more cleavage or something just to avoid being 'nexted'!

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  1. Im afraid t use charoulette without patrick present!


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