Sunday, 14 February 2010

Music is My Radar

Seriously, I would be literally lost without music. It's like, I have to have a really good session once a week to top me up. And tonight is one of those sessions. Currently Playing: Charlotte by Kittie, anyone remember them? I think I kept this song to remind me of my particular dark days as a teenager, listening to my Kerrang! album on repeat! Haha!

Andy's watching the Gordon Brown interview. If I'm perfectly honest with you, I will not be voting Labour, I have no political views, in this country it's all come down to a personality contest, and Gordon Brown has zero personality. Sorry.

So have plugged myself in. Could literally spend hours listening to music. I do this thing, which Andy really hates, I listen to the first 30 seconds of a song I love, get my fill, then move on. It's the only way to get through all the amazing stuff I have on my computer.

Like how much do I have? 10 Days worth! Crazy. Oh what a wondrous 10 days that would be, just me and my homies, all 3526 of them.

I must really annoy Andy, am now singing along to Lisa Lopes' "Block Party" at the top of my voice. God I can't wait to start driving myself to work, that's my personal karaoke time, I miss it badly.

Oh yeah, and it was Valentines today.

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