Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Banana skins

Encountered the most hilarious sight this morning upon entering Scarletts room. She was completely naked in her cot, bum stuck proudly in the air. This is the kind of thing I really want to remember, because it was so hilarious I want to tell her when she gets older! God knows how long she had been like that. Ner nappy was wet so she must have done it in the early hours, thank god she didn't poo in that time! Poor thing was cold, but it was so funny to find her like that! Nutter!

Not a lot else to say really. Had a long conversation yesterday with the woman in my office about my mental states sometimes. My mum has come to the conclusion I'm on the bipolar scale. She's probably right but the GP is never going to believe that. Which sucks, because I'm sometimes such an arsehole to the people around me, it makes life really difficult for them and for me, because I feel guilty for being such an arse. Guess I just need to self manage. Mum suggested Kalms...!

Had my date and time for the interview. It's next Wednesday at 3:10 so fingers crossed (anyone who reads, I feel like putting some kind of coding in so that you have to comment on a post, you can never escape until you've left a comment!) I need to feel validated!

Money is still tight, had to call a load of places yesterday and tell them I'd missed the payment etc and that I'd pay them February's payment on the 19th. Rubbish. Meant to be going out this weekend but we're so poor I think, what's the point?

I need more hobbies, especially as at the minute, I can't go to the gym (one of the payments I missed, d'oh). I am really wanting to spend every night curled up listening to music at the minute. And I feel bad for this because it means I'm blocking Andy out the whole time I have my music on, but yknow, it's a way of getting some headspace from it all. I want a Subversive Crosstitch, anyone want to buy me one?

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