Monday, 8 February 2010

I have a follower!

Horray for my first follower, Alex, I knew it would be you, but glad you did anyway! Now I really do have to try and be interesting. I lost my original list of 10 random things that I said I would post ages ago, so I've written a new one, so will try and post that later on today.

I have a horrible cold which is getting me down. Had a major depressive episode yesterday, I just sat in bed and cried. Then Andy did this whole, hand shaking thing trying to gee me up because him and Scarlett wanted to go and feed the ducks which just wound me up. Basically we had a huge argument because I'm sick of the situation we're in and so scared about how we're ever going to be able to change it. We're so broke we've had to borrow the money to pay for Scarlett's nursery registration, except then a credit card bill went out, so that's wiped that out straight away, my mum would kill me. It's just such a mess, why do we get into this much mess, we still have 2 and a half weeks until payday. Jesus. No wonder I'm stressed and depressed. We're on the cusp of wanting/needing a mortgage, but actually, I doubt we'll get one because we keep missing payments. ARGH! This wasn't meant to turn into a rant but it has. Bugger.


  1. Its funny because once I knew it wasnt private anymore I added you to my RSS feed, but only just clicked on the follow button so I think you only knew then I was following you!

  2. ps didnt mean to ignore you actual post and how stressed you are, we can continue our chats on MSN when you are free pet xx

    and if you want any links to some funs sites to jazz up your background and stuff, let me know :D

  3. Yes please! Your blogs are all really pretty! As long as it's not too complex, although, it may help with this potential new job! It just made my morning to see the "1 Follower" on my Dashboard!!


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