Friday, 23 April 2010

What's new pussycat?

Not a lot actually. Which is probably why I haven't actually posted anything in like forever.

So what is new? Well, you saw the photos of our downstairs area (of our house, cheeky) which is cool, although, I keep trying to get Andy to stay down there in the evening but he always inevitably wants to go back up to the bedroom, "Cos the tellys bigger." Men.

Hopefully next weekend we should be getting the bookcases (subject to my parents being around with my dad's van as I don't think the bookcases will fit in the Kangoo and we don't have a roof rack) and also a TV stand so that we can bring the "Big telly" down and get on with living like 'normal' people. I can't wait to put the bed into a normal position in the room where I don't have to climb over Andy to get out of bed! Plus, I can't wait to get a normal wardrobe!

Then next on the Agenda is the garden. It always inevitably gets to this time of the year and the garden has overgrown, the pond stinks and is so thick with algae it's any wonder the fish are still alive and the decking looks all crappy again. Honestly, I wish it was a terrace/patio instead of decking which is apparently more in vogue at the minute and decking is so passé! I asked whether we could just fill in with concrete and stick some paving slabs on top, I was told no, so we'll stick with the crappy decking.

I really want to get the pond filled in but it's looking unlikely, we keep arguing abour it! It just takes up so much of the garden, and the decking is full with the table and then when we fill the giant paddling pool in the summer (lush) plus I wanted a sun lounger, but there's literally no room on the decking. The pond gets quite a lot of sun, so if we filled that, we'd have more room. Someone suggested just filling it with a load of sand, but we have quite a problem with the local cats to I don't think a giant sandpit for Scarlett to play in would be the best idea (I'm thinking, giant fucking litter tray, fucking cats!)

So anyway, rant about the garden over. It does need sorting though, major big time! I think we're going to just get some big grasses; bamboo and stuff, make it a bit more oriental and also put some trellis up on top of the fence as this is the first Summer that we're actually going to have neighbours (no more, ahem, shenanegins then)

Right, have got a meeting any minute now with some ladies who I created a new page for on the Student pages, they're coming to agree and tweak the final things before it goes live. Eeek!

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