Friday, 23 April 2010

Personally attacked on a public blog (again)

How's this for a slice of twattishness:

Rick said...
And additionally since the ‘English’, white, single mother (by choice) of your child might well be offended. [But if you’ve recently moved out of your mum’s house, married and set up home together, let me be the first to congratulate you on your belated commitment to parenthood].
Friday, April 23, 2010 2:36:00 PM

Now, are you serious? This is a personal attack on me, Andrew and our family. How has the guy who monitors this blog approved this comment? Is this slander? Am I being over sensitive? But what exactly has any of that got to do with a Mosque opening in Worcester Park? Seriously?

Andy replied:

Andrew H said...

In addition to my previous comment, may i add that 'living with my mother', ricks words to try and make me look stupid, as is his general misguided debating style when commenting on this blog in general, is not really fair.

My mother has had severe dementia for the last decade, and ive been her permanent carer for the last 7 years. I really don't think trying to smear someone because they basically choose to give up their life to care for a dying loved one is very good form.

Your posts add nothing to this blog except contempt for yourself. They have no substance, and nor are they appreciated. I find them tedious, and such a turn off from visiting this otherwise good natured, adult and informative website.

My reply, though yet to be approved was as follows:

Yet again Rick has personally and publicly attacked Andrew and myself.

His misguided opinions and erroneous views regarding our marital status have been allowed to become slanderous comments on this blog.

I am so sick of the personal attacks dealt out by Rick.

We live a good life, raise our daughter together, and we're both hard workers and are aiming to give our daughter a decent upbringing. We're decent people, why do you feel the need to be so rude to us?

I'm slightly dismayed at the WP Blogger for not editing Rick's comment and letting it pass despite it containing such personal information.

This is not the first time, but I do hope it will be the last.

Friday, April 23, 2010 9:46:17 PM

I'm putting this here more as a record of the conversation should I need the comments in the future. But I'm just utterly incensed at his comments. So angry that our dirty laundry is being aired in public. Just what has any of it got to do with him. I'm sure we do a much better job of raising our daughter unmarried than a lot of married couples do!

I couldn't take being a celebrity; tabloid press cannon fodder, how do they cope with things like this!?!

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  1. Hey Amy, I know I don't know you personally but whoever this Rick guy is, he's being an idiot, and clearly has issues himself if he feels the need to attack others. Marital status means so little these days in bringing up a child. My boyfriend doesn't believe in marriage, but I'm certain that one day he'll be an amazing father. My grandmother died of Alzheimers and I know how tough it is, so Andrew can only be praised for being such a caring son.
    Chin up. x


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